The Littlest Grape
Lucas   Oak Park, Illinois, United States
blinxy: scrub adubdub furfag in the tub

Puffalo: Gonna hunt for some pussy

tumblr tramp: my dick smells like an enchilada

Competitive Experience:

S21 Sherlock Homies, Pocket
S22 Bring Back the Funk, Pocket


S14 Steel Magical Dragons of Dustbowl, Soldier
S15 Steel Magical Dragons of Dustbowl, Soldier
S16 Silver Unwanted Spy Main Corportation, Soldier
S17 Silver Beats Headphones by Dr Dre by Dr Arc, Soldier
S18 Gold Shadowballlllllll, Soldier
S19 Gold(rip)/Silver The Bullet Club, Soldier

UGC 6s:

S18 No Brakes, Pocket
S19 Cutie Pies, Roamer

UGC 4s:
S6 Pillsbury Dogeboys
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sokol May 26 @ 11:20am 
Hey i really like your tf2 edits keep up the good work
Gabe ✿ May 21 @ 11:43pm 
connect; password Kris18 Bv: I was going to type a response, but you're too much of a fucking moron to understand and too much of an asshole to care. I don't hate spy. I hate people who play spy. Spu is one of them. Enjoying spy isn't a negative characteristic. Kris18 Bv: Fuck spu.
u n i corn WARlocK
jesus man that's a nice bottle of water there to drink please just go ahead and sip it for me that's right perfect form there with the water bottle notice the 45 degree tilt wowee just keep drinking that water man, purified right from the alps that's some fresh water right there right there I say wow get in there
duckrider32✻ May 7 @ 10:40am 
draco got a lotta lead leave ya dead
DaZe━★ Apr 21 @ 8:18pm 
nice gramatik album art cover avatar, NOT~~~!!!