Leather belt around my throat feels so better than the rope I had before
The results are the same, but now I'm comfy when I go
そうすれば悩み 迷いもなくなる

心を閉じてる それもいいね
悪くいえば まだ子供さ
どこか子供でいたいな いつも
だけど 私

何が毎日だ もうやめだ
そんな時に 起き上がって
それが好き だから叫ぼう
自分に叫ぼう ヘルプ・ミー
8:36 PM - small ketchup: "we already fucked up counter strike, let's just make a shit load of money off of it and then call it quits" © Valve
3:52 PM - ARTYA: i tried to get myself fired from mcdonalds
3:53 PM - ARTYA: by just not showing up for a couple of days
3:53 PM - ARTYA: they gave me better work days / times, shorter workdays, and a raise
3:53 PM - ARTYA: LOL
3:57 PM - ARTYA: i want a 5* hotel
3:57 PM - ARTYA: swimming pool
3:57 PM - ARTYA: 3 fat bitches
3:58 PM - umbrella: LOL
3:58 PM - umbrella: what
3:58 PM - ARTYA: and idk what
3:58 PM - umbrella: why fat
3:58 PM - umbrella: bitches
3:58 PM - ARTYA: so she won't feel ugly
3:58 PM - ARTYA: that i'm fucking fat bitches
3:58 PM - ARTYA: u know
3:58 PM - ARTYA: i mean
3:58 PM - ARTYA: it's cheating
3:58 PM - ARTYA: but theyre ugly
3:58 PM - ARTYA: so it doesn't count]
9:03 PM - small ketchup: gf scratches dick with nails need to piss but hurts too much :~)
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B)inde(B May 21 @ 9:29pm 
gonna steal these copy pastas to impress certain grills thanks
foxya May 10 @ 4:43am 
You've stolen my pepe for the last time. You think I can't hear that shit while you're hammering away behind your keyboard spamming my monkaS? Guess what, son, I'm not retarded, I fucking know what you've been doing, that thing is a turbo powered hyper rabbit triple x wet pepe machine, which makes sense why you use it, you surely didn't get your pepe from your father, I can say that. You're fucking 18 you're a god damned fucking adult, stop stealing your moms memes and man the fuck up, walk into the nearest meme shop slap down a ten and fucking slide in some monkaMega's. I'm fucking tired of cleaning up the FeelsBadMan you tell me are rare pepes, I'm not fucking retarded. Hang yourself you fucking fake memer. Love, Mom.
foxya Apr 21 @ 7:35am 
PUFF PUFF PASS! This is a cellular blunt so don’t fuck up the rotation keep this shit movin’ til the whole world hits it! Happy 420!! 🌿🚬🚬 BLAZEEE ITTTTTT. This is the 420 blunt4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ If I'm being BLUNT 🚬 U one of my main hoes. 😜😉😘 I'm trying to WEED 🌿🍃🌱🍁out the bad friends so if you're a GOOD😂😝😎🤑friend, send this blunt 🚬🚬 to ten of your best blazing bros👫👭👬 if you get 5 back from your BUDS🌿🌱🍁then ur GANJA (gonna) be blazing bros and best friends forever 🚬🍁🌿😜
oz Apr 10 @ 1:33am 
u dont exit
foxya Apr 1 @ 3:45pm 
Why are you so hard to talk to? I'm polite. Each time I approach you, I say "konichiwa".
I always ask you about your favorite anime before talking about my waifu.
You're usually really shy (which is cute imo) but I hate that I have to be the one to constantly engage in conversations with you, and how you usually act disinterested because I'm an Otaku Gamer.
Yes, I get that it's awkward because of things like NTR that you don't like, I promise I will not talk about it when you're around.
Why can't the chimes just realize that I respect Japanese culture and that I really want to be part of it.
I'm willing to marry a Japanese woman, adopt Japanese children and live in Japan for the rest of my life. Hell, I'm even learning the language by watching undubbed anime.
Plus, I cook a mean bowl of rice (for those who don't know, Japanese eat a lot of rice, I do too, my Mom says that I act like a Japanese person because of all the rice I eat and the shit I watch.)
o Feb 2 @ 12:13pm