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My name is UltimentM and this is my Steam account (ya frickin' moron). I am an asshole with no life who mainly plays TF2 (especially MvM, love that gamemode), but I do play other games (maybe idk) and do other stuff in life. I like the colour orange, oranges and orange juice (not that reconstituted crap).

If you feel that my sorrow ass of a person is worth your time, HIT THAT MOTHERFUCKING ADD BUTTON and add a comment below on why you want to be friends with me.
if you turn out to be a scammer or an asshole i will shoot a fucking glock down your throat unfriend and report you

how i waste my limited time on this hellhole of a planet
Go to University and Learn Stuff
pley da vidya gemes
Make Maps and MvM missions for Team Fortress 2
Use Photoshop, Compose/Remix Music and Produce Videos
get phat ass

Current Platforms
on dah computah
Nintendo Switch
Wii U / Wii
Nintendo 3DS / DS
N͠͞i̵͡͝͡n̸̶̷t̵͝͏e͠͏ń̸̡͜d̀͟͜o̡̢̕͘͢ ͝҉̨E̶̡͡͞͞m̶̀͢ù͘̕̕͢ĺ̶̡́͝a̢̧̕͘t̶͟o̴̧̢ŗ̶͢ş͡͝

Shit I'm into at the moment:
LOZ: Breath of the Wild (Switch)
Yooka-Laylee (PS4)
GoldenEye 64 (PC)

Games that i'm possibly addicted to please help
Team Fortress 2
Super Smash Bros. (I Play Melee, Project M, Brawl Minus, Smash 4, Smash Flash 2)

Other crap of mine
QLDSmash [qldsmash.com]
TF2 Maps [tf2maps.net]
TF2 Wiki (THIS HAS SOME STUFF ON IT IF YOU WANT TO LOOK) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
UltimentM is basically my username for most of my accounts. IF YA DIDN'T CATCH THAT

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Merry christmas :D
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+rep a fun person to be with :]
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