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KID das Férias 6 hours ago 
Thanks ... but I could kindly name some tool if it's not uncomfortable, because I'm really enjoying taking Screenshots and would like to amplify the qualities of my photos xD
L1netty 6 hours ago 
It's different for each game. There are free camera tools for lords, but I don't have it now, unfortunately.
KID das Férias 8 hours ago 
Dude here again, sorry for bothering, but I was left with the doubt if you have any program other than the ansel you leave on camera free? I'm trying to use the Lords of the fallen, I used Reshade was cool so I wanted to have free camera, what can I do?
KID das Férias 10 hours ago 
Thanks man ... You rock xD
L1netty 10 hours ago 
@ KID das Férias, hey, thanks. I use ReShade for capture.
KID das Férias 11 hours ago 
Hi man, I was watching your screenshots and they are phenomenal congratulations. But I can ask you a question, how do you take it? With the same steam or some external program?