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UGC Head Administrator   Pennsylvania, United States
Lift those palms in the air
Swing those hips and shake them down
Slip me five and we can jive

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Battle.NET : Kumori#11500
Guild Wars 2 : Kumori.7352
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UGC Highlander Head Administrator
UGC Head Administrator | Highlander General Manager

I am currently a Head Admin with UGC in charge of the TF2 Highlander format. I have been an admin with UGC since 2011.

If I am not available and you need express help from a UGC Admin, you'll get a much faster response in our Discord server. []

If you need assistance pertaining to your respective division, please contact your division manager. []

We highly recommend using our support ticket system. []

If I accept your friend request for support, please leave a message about what you need help with and I will get to you as soon as I can. If I can't answer in a timely manner then please visit our Discord support channel [] or file a support ticket. []

Please don't add me asking to review your roster. File a support ticket instead.


zoey: Snipin's a good job mate.
zoey: Challenging work, out of doors.
zoey: I guarantee you won't go hungry.
zoey: Cause at the end of the day, so long as two people are left on the planet.
zoey: Someone is gonna bitch about the UGC Admins.

Yo I had a dream last night that somehow UGC was like this massive company with a giant tall building
And all of us admins were sat around a huge fucking desk, I'm talking like so big you'd have to squint to see people at the other end
And for some reason Snow was a giant polarbear and Kumori was just literally a jar with eyes
and I honestly can't remember what we were talking about
but it was an odd experience to say the least

I'm on my sixth energy drink.
I'm on my sixth energy drink.
deer god

BE(E)S: damn you are sick alot
BE(E)S: did you get AIDs from someone you beat up or what


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Let's piss off Kumori bingo. []

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