Personality: Im basically a guy that likes to have fun, adventure, FPS, and hang out with good friends. I like to make art/Gmod pictures, yes im a bit of a artist ^^.

I like to listen to music in the origins of Classical, Romantic, Country, Pop, Rock, Electro, and Dubstep.

Im currently in a Great Deep Depression that is ruining my life and attitude. I am in need of "repair" from good friends or from a special someone i have not yet met.

Im a bit of a lovers-boy ^^
i just dont have a girl to love sadly :/
I am a really nice and fun guy ^^
i just need a little love to cheer me up is all ^_^

BUT If you mess with me in a bad way....... lets just say...... I release the hell within me.....
and you wont like it.

Games i play: TF2, L4D, L4D2, Gmod, counterstrike source, cry of fear, metro 2033, saints row 4, the walking dead, blockland, spore, The Forest, Skyrim, PAY DAY the heist, TFC, dead island, Portal 2, DayZ,

TF2 skilled classes: Engi,Sniper,Soldier.
Fav weapons: shotguns, snipers, Revolvers, strong pistols, giant guns, cutlass, swords, daggers, flintlock pistols, cannons, throwing knives and axes, bows and arrows,

Likes: shotguns, partys, appretiation, hanging out with friends, (and of course the dirty thing) I like Femme Pyros and Scouts with big booty and MASSIVE treasure chests that can carry any amount of fine gold thats put in - if ya know what i mean ^/////^

Hates: liars, people who pretend to be girls, scammers, haters, constant hackers, cyber bullys, annoying people, constant beggers, people who want to mess with me,

"This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!"
"F**K 'EM"
REmeBER The Name. :P
Sticking my tongue out at you! singing :P
what what what what lol
My fortune from a fortune cookie.
It says: "Your are an angel.Beware of those who collect feathers. O.o
My fortune cookie 5/13."Your charm had not gone unnoticed by the Angel." O.o
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Happy Valentine's Day!
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my favorite man
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Woah 9/11 happened I just found out rip