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I am tsar, and I see it all. Whether shrouded in darkness or scorched by the light of the sun, I will observe it all with an attention to detail once thought to dwell in the eyes of God and God alone. I am the shadow in corner of your room while your trying to sleep. I abduct aliens! I AM JACK SKELELINGTON, I'M THE KING OF THE MOTHERFUCKING PUMPKIN PATCH BITCH! YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK WITH ME?! I WILL BURN YOUR SO CALLED EMPIRE DOWN IN A BIBLICAL BLAZE OF GLORY AND PISS ON THE ASHES OF MY CIGARETTE, BECAUSE YOUR NOT EVEN WORTH, MY TIME ANYMORE! AND YOUR NOT FOOLING ANYONE WITH THAT FAKE ASS GOLD CHAIN THAT YOU BOUGHT AT THE MALL FOR LIKE $15!
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professional healslut Nov 28 @ 5:09pm 
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Tonton Flairix lft med Oct 22 @ 3:07am 
Hey , can u update the bearHud please ? http://huds.tf/forum/showthread.php?tid=423
the, uhhh rayshud is kinds weird and unusable now all the number are tiny and barely readable and the damage numbers dont exist, is this something i have to fix myself?
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dickdestroyerdaddy123 Oct 5 @ 5:27pm 
I'm a grower not a show-er What do this mean you might ask? means my peepeee dumb small when it's soft but when I get hard my shit bigger than your feet anyway the upside to this? no one ever expects how big I get when I'm hard it's like "dam I ain't even notice u got a big ass dick boy" the downside? if I get pantsed in public I immediately have to start jacking off before I pull my pants back up in order to get hard if not everyone will think I'm packing a chicken nugget when in reality I'm not vegan but I brought the cucumber with me
Toy :3 Oct 3 @ 8:36pm