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Hello and welcome to my profile!!!
You may be here for Dota 2, Tf2, CSGO, Payday2, or H1Z1 because I deal with all game markets!
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Do I accept escrow (trade holds) for any game?
Almost every occasion I never accept offers with trade holds.

Do you accept adds?
Most of the time no. If absolutely needed comment on my profile. Otherwise, the trade link is in my description.

What items do you have for sale on opskins / reddit / bitskins / lootmarket / backpack.tf?
Links will be up above. If not I am in the process of adding them.

Can you teach me how to trade like you?
I would love too, however I am already strict on time spent on here and I spent a lot of time figuring out ways and setting up to where I got.

What did you start out with?
I started out with literally $0. I chose this as a hobby when I started in January of 2015. I used a site called tremor games and downloaded apps for penny skins to trade up with and eventually got to here.

What other things like steam trades do you do not related to steam?
I am starting up a bot service for mtgo. I also have a pucatrade account with the same name as my profile. Not operating atm due to constructing it.

What games do you play outside of steam?
Hearthstone, MTG, Some Origin Games. Pretty much it.
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BlueMue 5 hours ago 
Hey i wanna buy your thirst blood
reggin Jun 22 @ 8:04am 
your bot is ded?
8boll Jun 3 @ 10:25pm 
tried to send your bot some overpay, tried to message it was overpay but i got the "cannnot negotiate w/ cleverbot" msg.
That Guy Calibre May 20 @ 5:54pm 
Im sending you a request because I had an issue with your bot, I was asking if we could discuss it.
May 17 @ 1:54pm 
I would like to pay in items
Deadshot May 14 @ 1:46pm 
Tried to buy your chicago overcoat, but your inventory was full