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Dr. Walter Bennett, PhD.   United States
Gordon, what are you doing?

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jasx Oct 8 @ 4:20pm 
Jewker Sep 9 @ 6:06pm 
i meme alot
and you can too
now come with me
lets gas a jew
Tel Jul 17 @ 4:02pm 
+rep serbia did nothing wrong
Shmoppy Jul 14 @ 10:06pm 
+rep great friend, great gamer, great meme, all around awesome dude!!
The Specialist Jan 18 @ 6:39pm 
Last night, I was at my grandpappy's house. By golly, he was fucked UP. Milk moustache, V-eyebrows, and apperantly he also had tire tracks and the imprintation of a dildo across his right cheek. With a furious glare, he looked at me, raised his eleventh finger, and belch-shouted, "SNEED!" I watched in terror as an orange cloud energed from his wrinkled asshole of a mouth and quickly encapsulate the area around me. My eyes stung, my ears started ringing and flashes of horrible, horrible genital assault on mailboxes danced across my vision.

That orange fucker did not leave my face alone. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my eyeballs ejacuated themselves from their sockets and shot through my genetic defective of a grandad. I killed the man.. I don't know how I'm typing this, but somehow I guess I just kinda put my eyes up on my desk like two little fuckin' trinkets and just started typing. Anyhow, I'm thankfully out of that situation. I'll see you on the flipside, brother.
CptChris Jan 11 @ 2:56pm 
I'm having an issue trying to join the bitter avalanche website.