Faith in God His finished work alone, not our works.
Gaming is cool, items are cool, money is cool. Nothing is more important or amazing than Yeshua his teachings though (except living by them?)

Love one another! Don't be a stumbling block to others, rather edify one another.

Trust in God's finished work. No man can pluck you out, not even yourself. It's less religion and more a relationship. Faith & Trust & Blessed Hope.

God is so good! He knows your every struggle, even if you feel like you've been forsaken!

Disclaimer: The below was an early access opinion by user scavenge. User scavenge cannot be held responsible for their early access thoughts.

Whatever you do, do NOT put your trust in mankind. This ship will go down just to then be resurfaced under false unity and peace. Built from the ashes of chaos.

The lukewarm die worst, I'm possibly them (second death).

You'll go into your shallow graves, all politically correct and morally corrupted.

Surrounded by the braindead. Humanity is done for. Then there's a few million wolves running the whole shitshow.

Talk is silver, silence is gold.

I've deliberately given up what "they" consider to be sanity.

We're all scared sometimes, I'm sorry that you're THIS scared, God is the best cornerstone.

Actors, can't see life for their clownshow. The veil is lifting, yet you're still playing your games. I like games. Let's play games!

Listen and LEARN:

Subtling subtlety.

Upset the setup! (though they conspire)

I answer only to God, it's like a fresh breeze in a stinking hellhole full of assholes (I'm one of them).


None of us WILL EVER get away without Jesus, EVER, Yeshua is our way to father God.

I don't just preach civil disobedience (in a corporate hellhole) - I live civil disobedience!

I'm only responsible for what I say,
not for what you understand.

It takes nothing to join the crowd,
It takes everything to stand alone.

Mayority rules,
intelligent fools.

I'm your worst enemy, I'm your best friend, I'm the sickest in the area, I'm the friendliest in the world, I'm a christian, I am the antichrist, I'm your dream and I am your nightmare.

Either way, the world is my playground, its inhabitants are my bitch (yet they may actually believe it's the other way around; fools!)

Bigup to teh web ;) I R ur dad.

...and while I'm speaking highly of myself, I do know that I'm trash, what does that make you? ;)

I'm a genious in a mental asylum.


Anarchy, the next system that will be used on the rat cage.

If you hide the truth to protect evil you've just become that evil - i.e. compartmentalized moderators of society

Fun and games ends when people suffer in real life.


Self proclaimed advocate of human failure, leading by example :)

Only God is good. Humans are not. Demons are not. Angels are, because they obey the Lord.


Critically Acclaimed! - IGN
Politically Incorrect! - Volvo
Not a compartmentalized slave - Discussion-Mods in utter shock and awe, anyways, our shift is over, let's go back to being careless
This guy is nuts! - some guy on steam
Hey you're a honest trader! - happy trader
Hey you're honestly a typical human asshole - every guy/gal ever
I'm 65 and wtf is this dude - an even older fart


Inb4hostelfashionfinish - EXPECT the worst! PRAY for the best! But know this, God IS NOT a jukebox. Deal with it.


Praise God for the FOOLISH things of this world.

Last but not least, let's rejoice for our redemption draws near.

2 Peter 3:9
The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
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deltadrogo Jan 5 @ 7:01am 
+ Rep, Nice guy
Sgt-Hartman Jan 2 @ 6:43am 
Thanks for the kind words buddy, happy 2017 too
Vakuum Jan 1 @ 7:03am 
Dir au es guets neus, uf dass es doch besser wird wie au scho :)
scavenge Dec 30, 2016 @ 5:42am 
I catch myself envying people with cars sometimes and ofcourse your profile picture. Few other things here and there and again (I'm just human after all), but I count more blessings than seeing reasons to envy.
Pirog Dec 30, 2016 @ 5:17am 
Happy New Year and I wish you to get rid of envy in 2017!