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Do not ask me to sign your profile. That's so stupid.
Do not beg, make your own profit.
Do not talk ignorantly otherwise I won't be friendly.
Do not add me just because of my items & steam level.
Give respect to earn respect.


You can find all items with prices on my and outpost
TF2 Backpack []
TF2 Outpost []

Bitcoin is accepted here! I can also take most of other coins too.

Swapping TF2 Keys for CS:GO keys. My ratio is my 9 TF2 for your 8 CS:GO Keys

I can sell my items through Steam Market if you provide the fee (%15)

Beware of Impersonators

I don't take any responsibility for anyone who fall for an impersonator. Be careful

Real TroLL Pumpkiin™ is level 313 with clean rep & public profile. That's enough to verify.

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Trading CS:GO Knives For Decent TF2 Unusual Overpays!

Keys, Unusuals, CS:GO Knives, Australiums, Stranges
No Bunch of Items, Cheap Stuff, TF2 Skins

TF2 Backpack []
TF2 Outpost []

I can sell my items through Steam Market if you provide the fee (%15)

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MashedPotatoeSause 16 minutes ago 
I sent an offer
Mr. Bruh! 41 minutes ago 
This man is attempting to scam people for unusuals while impersonating you. Hopefully you can do something about it. Thanks
Special Agent 1 hour ago 
Offer sent
Offer send please check it.....i am waiting for that unusual for 8 months. You are the best. +REP
luntiK. 3 hours ago 
Sent offer check please !!!!!!!!!!!!
Tem-chi 6 hours ago 
Sent offer. Willing to discuss