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No random adding please. Always leave a comment before adding me.
You can join my group instead of random adding.
Do not beg.
Leave a comment on my profile if i dont respond you.
Use trade offer on simple trades.
Do not ask for trade back.


You can find all items with prices on my and outpost
TF2 Backpack []
TF2 Outpost []

Swapping TF2 Keys for CS:GO keys. My ratio is 13:12

I can sell my items through Steam Market if you provide the fee (%15)

Buying Quicksell Unusuals (+%25 off)

I'm buying QUICKSELL unusuals. Must be at least %25 off. If you have one send me trade offer

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My goal was scrap to unusual when i started trading. I've done it. I had around 200 keys pure in October 2014 and i started unusual trading.
I'm 17 years old and I live in Turkey []
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Beware of Impersonators

I don't take any responsibility for anyone who fall for an impersonator. Be careful

Real TroLL Pumpkiin™ is level 313 with wealthy bp and admin at PUMPKIN™
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Trading CS:GO Knives For Decent TF2 Unusual Overpays!

Keys, Unusuals, CS:GO Knives, Australiums, Stranges
No Bunch of Items, Cheap Stuff, TF2 Skins

TF2 Backpack []
TF2 Outpost []

I can sell my items through Steam Market if you provide the fee (%15)

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Collection of items from the Frontline! Community Project []

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Kumat0ra 9 minutes ago 
Sent a trade offer my dude
Mr.Psyzen 1 hour ago 
I have a just cause 3 game gift,what unusual could I get from you for it?
Sam Axe 3 hours ago 
are you going to respond to my offer or no? i sent it yesterday, and you've been online three times since then, and not even a response. Please man, this is my dream unusual and my favorite effect.
XXXDRNTACION 4 hours ago 
sent a trade offer
[FruityPebbles] Bread 4 hours ago 
Check trade offer
nipolopilis 5 hours ago 
please acknowledge my offer in some way