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"It would've been like, a metric ton less fine if treetoon didn't get the medic."
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19:31 - jayserp: ive got 19 people
19:31 - °treetoon: ohhh
19:31 - °treetoon: we doing a double dmix?
19:32 - jayserp: damn straight


TF2: 2008, Feburary
"Badlands is released: A great new 5cp map with several ways to attack each individual CP. The TF2 community declares it too confusing and goes back to playing dustbowl."

- Later in April
"Having learned their lesson from badlands, valve releases a new map: Goldrush, which is essentially a giant straight line packed with chokepoints that are incredibly easy to spam and block with sentries.
It's an instant hit!"

- And June..
"Pyro recieves a hilarious buff in which the damage from his flamethrower is, on average, doubled. Hit detection is also altered: Whereas previously it detected roughly as many hits as a blind man wearing earmuffs, it now has the eyesight of a hawk, the ears of a cat and the nose of a bloodhound. The end result is that the pyro can now be used effectively by walking forward and pressing the left mouse button.
The backburner is added: It gives 100% crits from behind (and other directions too, depending on the weather) and, to aid ambushing, 50 health."


PC: Pentium 1 - 133 MHz, 16MB RAM, Voodoo 2 - Orchid Righteous 3D II 12MB, 50GB 4200RPM
Sensitivity: 11cm/360

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im looking for player of tf2 or other game so i add you for play or talk
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wowie it's treetoon, im a fan! tf2 tf2 tf2 ughh
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hello im ur 420th subscrisser can i add u
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Added regarding team purposes, courtesy of gona
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A space Odyssey<3