Trick 2016
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Hi there!
My name is trick (am gay)
Trade offer here
In-game: Wont really reply messege instantly..Depends on the situation.
Online : May not reply messege instantly,may be doing something or watching youtube vids.
Away: Playing a browser game
Looking to play: WAI YOU NO PLAY WIF ME
Looking to trade: I NEED TRADES
Offline: Sleeping or in school
Touka is my best friend :|
My birthday is on 23th May
Computer Specs
Razer Abyssus
Read this before adding me
I do not accept private profiles (if i know you i do accept your request)
Do not beg for free stuff
Dont be a shitty bitch and bitch slap me i'll bitch slap you back
I use Metro for steam as my steam GUIs
How not to be unfriended
(no i do not unfriend my gud friends :D)
Do not stay offline for 30+ days or you will be unfriended(unless your a good friend)
Dont ask personal questions or unfriend
If you spam me in chat i will unfriend you and block you
Dont insult me or i'll unfriend you
------------------------- JUST A DECORATION -----------------------
Best CS:GO drops:
P2000 | Chainmail MW
USP-S | Road Rash BS
CS:GO Weapon Case 1
Hobbies and mains
In TF2,my mains are: Scout,Spy and Pyro
In Dota2,my mains are: Weaver,Lycan and Dragon Knight (dk)
My main role in Unturned is mostly the flanker and the sniper (offensive too)
My hobbies are playing games (duh)
Likes and hates
Hates: soloQ,spammers,scammers,hackers,naughty kids,losing ELO.
Likes: games,kusti,HOLLA HOLLA DOLLA,people gifting me games,free stuff.
My life
( '_')
(> )>O I was going to give you a cookie

....('_' )
.O<( <) But then i was like...

. (>O<) I LIKE cookies!!!
. U....U

( '_')
(> )>O Then i said: sharing is good....

....('_' )
.O<( <) But then i was like...

. (>O<) ITS MY cookie!!!
. U....U

(> <) so I ate it!

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hahablahman Apr 21 @ 9:18pm 
1 monh on gmod................
Play dota as much man
Shadow Genesis Mar 17 @ 5:14am 
Who cares RP is fucking fun
im bored Mar 17 @ 2:54am 
dis guy only rp in gmod
if u play with him in another game, dont expect to play with him for a while
he rarely plays other games or goes onto other servers other than rp
im bored Mar 17 @ 2:04am 
If i were to describe this person in 10 words, it would be "Mega Weird Gay Shit Meme Dumb Amazing Fabulous Mega Weird Gay Shit"
Shadow Genesis Mar 15 @ 5:11am 
+REP this guy is fucking amazing
LiuKang001 Feb 4 @ 3:56am 
Oh lol