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ゲーマーで翻訳者。 / Gamer and Translator. Not accepting friends request from complete strangers.

Gaming stuffs :
- FPS, RPG, RTS, Shmup, BEMANI, Indie and Puzzle lover. pretty much everything.
- Coop or Singleplayer. don't like competitive(and serious) multiplayer.
- Bundle whore, Kickstarter-er, anti-P2W person

Ways to Contact :
- Twitter @toyoch (for work or translations) and @toyoch_sub (for various rants)
- Steam chat or comments


- FPS, RPG, RTS, STG, 音ゲー, パズル, アート, インディーズ, 実験作などほぼ何でもやる。
- Coop・シングルメイン。マルチはクソマジメな対戦をせずに楽しむ派。
- バンドル中毒者。P2Wゲーは好きじゃない。
- スチマー金ドブ:

- Twitter @toyoch (仕事向け)と @toyoch_sub (雑多)
- Skype・Discord常用でLINEたまに使用、どちらもSteamチャットでお問い合わせください
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過去の翻訳実績と進行中の翻訳作業 / Past Translations an WIPs
- Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (EN>JP)
- Unepic (EN>JP)
- Far Cry 4 (EN>JP)
- Victor Vran [](EN>JP)
- Screencheat (EN>JP)
- They Bleed Pixels (EN>JP)
- Madfinger Games' titles [](EN>JP, WIP)
- Nonstop Knight [](EN>JP)
- Ghost 1.0 (EN>JP)
- Walking Dead Season 2 [] (EN>JP, コンソール版)
- Political Animals (EN>JP)
- Hitman(2016) (EN>JP)

注: 上記タイトルの言及許可は開発者または翻訳会社から得ております。NDA下で言及できないゲーム他の翻訳実績も他にいくつかあります。
NOTE : I already got permission(s) from developpers or agencies about mentioning these works. There are lot more games/projects with NDA I have involved in translation/localization.
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This Strategy game is about fighting liquid-like enemies called Creeper, which aren't explosive but dangerous enough to damage/destroy your buildings on touch.

Game is relatively simple : Build a network of Collectors for more energy. Have some turrets to keep Creepers at bay. Advance to their Emitter and destroy it with Nullifier(its range is short and takes time to activate, be sure to deal with creepers first).
It contains more than thousands of official levels, short maps are finishable within 3 minutes or so, and some epic maps would take 2 or more hours.
There's even a leaderboard competes for "time taken to beat the level", and some people seem to be really good at finding clever tactics or optimize their moves.

The game has a built-in map editor and script editor, which allows you to make interesting maps once you know how. I'm hoping to see good levels to play.

12/10, One of the best RTS I played in all the time. I played all the 3 series of Creeper World, and love it best.




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Toyoch Jun 30 @ 2:08pm 
Aruiさん:様々な翻訳作業が重なってGhost 1.0のメインストーリーの翻訳が進められなかったのですが、Franさん経由でご協力いただけると聞いて大変助かりました。Idle Evolutionの翻訳も良かったですよ!
Arui Kashiwagi Jun 14 @ 9:53pm 
fran氏の指名でGhost 1.0の翻訳に加わることになりました(Idle Evolutionというゲームを訳したことによる縁みたいです)。素人ですが極力クオリティを落とさないようがんばりますので、よろしくお願いしますー