Björn Rundquist   Karlshamn, Blekinge Lan, Sweden
I used to be a prem scout but then I was found out. Knö i hörn for life.
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Everything is poetry baby
You know, sweetheart, if there's one thing I've learned, it's this: nobody knows what's gonna happen at the end of the line, so you might as well enjoy the trip.


Dreamhack Winter 2016: Battle for the North: 1st Place
Dreamhack Winter Invitational 2015 - 3rd Place with Publiclir.se
i55 - 5th / 6th with The Last Resort (Undefeated in Group stages, let's not talk about the rest)
i52 - 5th / 6th with [R]eason Gaming
OGLAN 2 - 4th Place
i46 - 3rd Highlander with KKDD

6v6 - Scout

I used to play for The Last Resort.
2nd Premiership ETF2L Season 21
5th i55

2nd 4th TF.TV Invitational
2nd Premiership ETF2L Season 19
4th best scout-rating ETF2L Season 19
2nd Premiership ETF2L Season 20

Shitty Experimental Team
1st Div 2B ETF2L Season 18

The seventh .dotter that wasn't a .dotter ETF2L Season 17
Folded 4 days after I joined

Dropped Div 1 ETF2L Season 17

4th Div 2B ETF2L Season 15

Nasty Style
3rd Div2B ETF2L Season 13

1st Div 3B ETF2L Season 12

Cold Porridge / ElephANTZ
1st Div 5G ETF2L Season 11
3rd Div 5D ETF2L Season10
1st Div 5A Wireplay Season 9
3rd Div 4A Wireplay Season 10

9v9 - Sniper / Scout

(actual) Swedish National Team
2015 Nations Cup Champions
Elbonia National Team
2nd Div 3D ETF2L Highlander Season 1 (Drawing every game)
1st Div 3D ETF2L Highlander Season 2 (Mercing every game :D)
Top 8 Platinum UGC Season 6
3rd Div 1 Wireplay Highlander Season 1

I also make games.



FoieGras kaidus: herr p watching you play scout is like watching the summer wine trickle down a sun glistened ravine

kaidus: ye watching you play scout is like looking for a file in windows explorer

theguy_: herr_p is the future
theguy_: god bless

X 6 10s: $4.99 P bragging
$9.99 P chatting shit
$0.99 P bragging about getting kicked out of pubs
$200 P bragging about something else than TF2

Skitkocken: DU skulle inte passa att crossdressa alls
Skitkocken: du är som jag
Skitkocken: för fet
gröten är Herr Pyro: :(

|McGG| SpeedFreak: girls looks fat in dresses, herrP looks fat in dresses, therefore herrP must be a girl xD

px. theeqie: dude
px. theeqie: you are not discussing penisses with me

SpeedFreak: how come we always have dick conversations at 6 am? is that what god had in mind for me or something?

Speedfreak! Mixx/merc.: Well, sucking has never been an option of mine whilst playing this game
Speedfreak! Mixx/merc.: Its been a lifestyle

Frank Sinatra: i hate u so much i love u p

Bulle: forever my fav scout i played with

huhy GGWP.pro: u = ma favorite sweden

Bulle * ROCCAT: did your butt was hurt ?


bk. AMS: you are like that mean big brother that i never had

[FatMomo Gaming] Bulle: you stinky
Herr P_cm0n: wat
[FatMomo Gaming] Bulle: you are stinky

no wonder where: but u're like gaben
u're not the guy who can stand in front of people
u ruin images of companies
by doing this

BAR SMIZZE #theprayer: you are like ghandi

Sonny Black | ETF2L.org : i thought you are always only 10% serious
Sonny Black | ETF2L.org : and 90% random emotion
Sonny Black | ETF2L.org : real life claptrap

atmo: net_graph 0 so we can’t see the choke

Taiyousei Pcei6mT6 : kiheer cheat, use aimshoot
Taiyousei Pcei6mT6 : you use aimshoot

1100 hrs of tf2 @ old acc

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