I don't much care for people. Message me if you need me.
Only person I like. If you touch him I'll cut you. My Darling~
Hey! I go by many names on this steam account, most recently Quirky Nursey / Nursey Red , and my typical internet name everywhere else is Torqito , I generally play all the Valve games, TF2, CS:GO, DOTA 2, and the likes, also a big fan of Rocket League.

I play comp tf2 as a medic main in silver hl and 6s if you want to ring me
I'm also willing to trade or discuss offers on my items but I'm quite attached to them.

Feel free to friend me if you've played with me or would like to get to know me. Just don't expect me to message you first, and I don't rp.
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Fuck I'm a pervert Feb 6 @ 11:41pm 
All hours of day and night? There are laws againt that - its called disturbance of the peace. These wankers would soon find themselves evicted if they lived above me. Just who the hell do they think they are? Artistic expression is one thing and certainly shouldnt be stifled but it should also not be allowed to impose upon the lives of other people. Selfish, narcissitic bastards - grow up and learn the meaning of mutual respect and consideration before someone kicks yr door down and busts yr fucking nose. You are lucky you dont live above me!
Tails Jan 13 @ 6:30pm 
too much cute 6/10- ign
Tails Jan 13 @ 12:06pm 
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Best everything would date forever 20/10