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Tony   Canada
If I am offline, please comment on my profile saying why you are adding me, "Adding to discuss" is not enough. If your profile/backpack is private, I will NOT accept your friend request!
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Warning: There have been incidents where people have tried impersonating me! I will NEVER have a private profile or backpack! To make sure it's me, go on my Steamrep Profile [] to make sure that you are not trading with an impersonator! My STEAMID64 is 76561198063345374.

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| steamname: Tony Reigns
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:51539823
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Ways to verify it's me is to check for the following on my steam profile:
★ 20,000+ Trades Made
★ 1500+ TF2 Hours Played
★ 2000+ CSGO Hours Played
★ 150+ Games
★ Level 100 on Steam
★ My Favorite Group is MarketplaceTF

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★ I AM currently buying TF2 backpacks for discounted prices! Please comment here if you haven't already commented on my TF2OP trade! After commenting, feel free to add me and I will accept your friend request almost instantly! ★

If I am offline, PLEASE comment to let me know why you're adding me so that I know how to help you when I come online!
I will not be bothered by any friend requests as long as you say why you're adding me! :)
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Kebab=Shawarma Apr 27 @ 11:18am 
hey, adding you to sell ~70 keys
sinking Apr 26 @ 5:08pm 
i have keys now, was wondering how many you would want for the pusher. is 27 pure good?
sinking Apr 26 @ 4:35pm 
added to discuss the o.planets pusher on your marketplace
Mr.Dice | Dying2Kill Apr 25 @ 6:45am 
adding to trade, im selling my mann co crate key for 27.44 ref
♥FanaticDog69♥ Apr 24 @ 1:40pm 
Hey i selling 25 tf2 keys
G13 Apr 23 @ 11:16pm 
104 keys for sale