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First off, let me say this. You WILL NEED A POWERFUL COMPUTER TO RUN THIS. If you're running on a toaster laptop, don't buy this and write a review saying it sucks because it's a lag fest. That is your fault for not doing RESEARCH to learn what hardware is good for a game. Some people even say that the game runs terrible with a top quality machine, so caution is advised before purchasing the game.

As my account would suggest, I am quite the train fan. So much as that I've been playing Trainz since I was a kid, all the way back in 2003 and 2004. I have also purchased most of the major releases up until Trainz: A new Era aswell. However, before you start screaming that I'm a "Trainz fanboy," let me mention that I have in fact left the simulator for a while went to the competitor, Train Simulator aka Railworks. I stayed with the simulator for a while because of the improved graphics and physics but returned due to the horrid process of content creation. I heard about A New Era before and watched it while it was in development. I passed on the Kickstarter and decided to give it a go during the 2015 Christmas sale.

For those of you who are new to Trainz, let me explain the basics of this simulator. The main features of Trainz are Driver and Surveyor. In Driver, you can drive trains and in surveyor, you can create routes, sessions among other things. The game also features a content manager that allows you to manage your content downloaded from the developer's server called the Download Station, or from third party websites through .cdp files.

I for one have never played any of the sessions before, so I honestly cannot say how accurate the Train AI is. I personally just hop in with my models and screw around for a bit and close the game down. If you want to read about sessions, look at a different review.

Those of you who know about Trainz and are wondering if this is a good purchase, let's find out.

What does Trainz A New Era have that previous versions of Trainz do not have?

The main difference right off the bat are the graphics. TANE has real-time shadows that help to lift the look of the simulator, with a bunch of post processing effects to help make it stand out from it's older brothers. These shadows look fantastic (mostly), but they come at a great cost, performance. Currently, I am using a GTX 690 with an i5-2500, and I am barely able to get 30 fps with all settings maxed out except for shadows. These shadows require ALOT of power, almost too much power in fact. If you want this game to run smoothly, do your research to get the best possible combination so the game will run great. Oh, and if you want 60 fps, make sure to set V-Sync to off in the Launcher to enable that. Otherwise, the "half" setting will cap the fps to 30.

The post processing effects range from SSAO to HDR Tonemapping and give you lots of options to play around with. Personally, I can max out the post processing effects to Ultra and have no major performance issues. The effects look nice, but nothing compared to big AAA games such as The Witcher 3, GTA V, Fallout 4, etc.

One feature that I must add is quite fantastic is the ability to add trains while in Driver. This is a feature you wouldn't think is that helpful, but it's a feature that you depend on.

What about third party content Tomix?

Well, this is where it is a mixed bag. Some content may work, while others may require lots of TLC to get running again. This is especially gruesome with content from a previous version of Trainz. You may be there for hours or days fixing content until everything works! Not optimal, but this is not necessarily the simulators fault. Many errors are the user's fault for not fixing in previous versions of the game. Don't understand what I mean? Let me explain.

In Trainz, your content can either have an ERROR or a WARNING. ERRORs will not let the content work in a game, while WARNINGs will let the game run the content. Some WARNINGS that were once fine in previous versions turn into ERRORS in a later version. This is the case with lots of faulty content in TANE.

Remember Content Creator Plus? Yeah, that's gone. As a content creator, this by far is one of the weakest spots of the simulator. Content creator plus saved many hours of painstakingly fixing syntax errors in notepad and had many of the tags you need to make content. How do you do this with TANE? ALL IN NOTEPAD AND THE WIKI. Seriously N3V, why did you remove this? This feature NEEDS to return, otherwise people like myself will have to run back to older versions to make content and then port to TANE.

On the bright side, the new Content manager is quite nice. It's confusing at first, but there is a viewer that allows you to view the model as it would appear in the game, without even starting the game up! It is all around easier to see how the model will work in-game, and as a model maker, I adore this feature.

At the time of this review, Service Pack 1 Hotfix 3 is the latest update. One can assume that more patches will come and make the simulator better and better. I honestly want this simulator to survive and be successful. Unfortunately, N3V need to follow through with more of the stuff that they promised.

Moral of the story, it's the same old Trainz you're used to but with more extra frosting on it. It's your choice whether or not you think it's a good idea. I'd say wait for it to go on sale, or buy it from a third party website.

Keep in mind, there is a bunch of features or bugs that need to be worked on. This is NOT a master piece, but then again, there seems to be no Train Simulator that has everything we all want. This simulator meets my needs, but it may not need yours.

If any of you have further questions or want to make a comment on what I said, comment below.

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