Hi my name is
Tony Banjo
I love tf2, csgo.

Feel free to add me, just comment why.

I play roamer for BadAimGaming asiafortress div 3

Funny Moments With Friends

I told mirelin that i would give him a key.

Mirelin for valentines day
Mirelin told ya
Mirelin ill sing u a love song
Mirelin something like its raining men

Mirelin what if Im some fat guy
Mirelin sitting in moms basement
Mirelin pretending to be a high schooler
tony_b4njo: :D
Mirelin who has a fetish for young bois like u
tony_b4njo: then i'll regret everything i've said
tony_b4njo: ;-;
Mirelin you should put THAt
tony_b4njo: but i still like u on the internet
Mirelin on your profile

Talking about chinese movies:

Mirelin: Ive watched some of these
tony_banjo: ayyyyyyyy lmao
Mirelin: a bit
Mirelin: I dont watch chinese films a lot
Mirelin: but friends have shown them to me
tony_banjo: haa
tony_banjo: i dun watch chinese films ethier
tony_banjo: my parents say they r pure shit and has no meaning
tony_banjo: like there might be a few exceptions
Mirelin: your parents are right
Mirelin: its always overly sentimental
Mirelin: the actors are a bit fake
Mirelin: and its full of 孝顺,思乡知情之类的propoganda
tony_banjo: lmao
Mirelin: usually plot goes like this
tony_banjo: y3h
Mirelin: Middle aged woman breaks up, falls into hysteria, visits parents back in small town
Mirelin: old grandpa or grandma comforts her
Mirelin: visits nature
Mirelin: then either encounters a handsome young guy whos really nice
Mirelin: or makes up with old husband
Mirelin: the end
Mirelin: there are some kids usually
Mirelin: but they dont get mentioned much and the films attitude towards them is eh screw you
tony_banjo: im putting this on my profile
tony_banjo: u know
Mirelin: Its true

Send me items :D

and don't get salty about my strange items, i just got em not long ago :/

i like pretty girls
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pls accept me, i have an offer for you, but i want to talk first
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is this possible?
Zsigusz 3 hours ago 
hi, i wanna talk with you
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Send u trade offer
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Im gay
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1 more hour to reach 1000 in tf2 :))))