lint   Texas, United States
I am lint from a Q3 freeze tag clan, Pills (2002 to present).

You can find me on QL at /connect

A note about my workshop items:
My goal is to upload complete, high quality map conversions of Quake 3 maps. Why? Because I love Quake, Freeze Tag and the Quake Live community. I've been playing Quake since 2000, and I will likely still be here even after many have moved on.
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Close game, lots of thawing happening.
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last played on Sep 20
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last played on Jun 25
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last played on Mar 11
^2Devil^6Doc^4.uft Jul 23 @ 1:29pm 
/callvote map rdogdm1 "Large " With dirt mound
/callvote map storm3tourney2 NICE large The "V" Map
/callvote map storm3tourney4 large
/callvote map storm3tourney5 Cajun Hell
/callvote map storm3tourney6 "Large" Halls of the Dammed
/callvote map storm3tourney9- Vervy Nice!! FAN
/callvote map uranus wierd but fun
/callvote map wdw3team1
/callvote map jex3dm1 Ok fore 5 or 6"trinity roundabout"
/callvote map el3t4 "lsrge-ish" Pillamyd
/callvote map charon3dm7 SMALL BRAWL Sheriff fav
/callvote map charon3dm12 Nice 3+ small round
/callvote map auh3dm2
/callvote map davinci
/callvote map frozenice
/callvote map icestorm
/callvote map quake3stuff nice good fight
/callvote map zastavka
/callvote map school
/callvote map rustgrad
^2Devil^6Doc^4.uft Jul 23 @ 1:29pm 
/callvote map anodm4 med large ok
/callvote map auh3dm2
/callvote map casablanca "good" large
/callvote map charon3dm4 VERY NICE GRAPH no QD
/callvote map deepfreeze VERY NICE!! Red in floor
/callvote map dracula "good" large
/callvote map ek3dm1 Missing tele texture good size
/callvote map el3t3 Med large good.
/callvote map jpac Pacman with extras
/callvote map katdm3 "good" large Rock tunnels
/callvote map lloydmdm2 verfy laRGE cage
/callvote map pacman
/callvote map q3dmp4 "3 tier with outside roof" Med/Large
/callvote map q3shw15 "large /Huge " Pill Size
/callvote map q3shw22 "3 tier large bland"
/callvote map q3shw25 "Large and Dark"
/callvote map qfraggel3tdm "Waterfall"
FuryForce Feb 21 @ 1:04am 
Merry Febuary
Doum2 Jan 21 @ 2:11pm 
I don't forget, many hours fun with you gang
^7(]^1[)^3Asian_^547 Dec 27, 2016 @ 1:43pm 
Thanks Lint Merry Christmas to you! May you and your family have a wonderful holiday! Stay safe!