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:LaserBeam: Part 2.
:LaserBeam: Part of the part 3.

Shaaden gets mad part. 1 :steamfacepalm::steammocking:

Ei9ht: but im just blatantly gonna remove you now.
FragZ: No.
FragZ: plz
FragZ: Why?
Ei9ht: why
Ei9ht: would
Ei9ht: i want you on my friendslist
Ei9ht: did you read my rules?
FragZ: omg
FragZ: im stil lbetter
FragZ: than you
FragZ: pussy hole
Ei9ht: i dont care
FragZ: yes you care
Ei9ht: i play games for fun
Ei9ht: not for competitive reasons
FragZ: lmao
Ei9ht: You are shaaden lol.
FragZ: No.
Ei9ht: litteraly the same dumbass argument
FragZ: No.
Ei9ht: you make no sense
FragZ: You are dumbass
FragZ: Silly asshole.
Ei9ht: Well..
Ei9ht: You cant speak english properly, Suck at games. Think i care about being good at games.
Ei9ht: And still call me dumb
FragZ: Lmao
FragZ: Im better at you
Ei9ht: Yeah you probably are.
Ei9ht: but do you think i care?
Ei9ht: i have a life you know?
FragZ: ofc
FragZ: you dont care
FragZ: because you are dumb
-I Removed him from steam

7-24-2017 6:53 PM
-Added me on steam again
Ei9ht: You're kidding me right?
FragZ: dude
FragZ: you have 5,3k hours
FragZ: tf2
FragZ: and u still suck
Ei9ht: Yes, i do.
Ei9ht: anything more to say?
FragZ: nah
Ei9ht: You know it would be easier if i could be playing on my pc. But since it stopped working i can't so i have to play on a shitty laptop.
FragZ: sure
FragZ: Im solly main
FragZ: come at me :P
Ei9ht: Oh, and btw. Please stop adding me on steam. I know youre shaaden, im not retarded. Pinkie told me you are, and i was looking through tk his friendslist. where i found out "shaaden" wasnt in it.
Ei9ht: Anything to say? if not, I wish you a good day.
FragZ: AxD
FragZ: mad?
Ei9ht: im actually not mad, just annoyed that you keep adding me without a legitement reason.
FragZ: because
FragZ: i love u
Ei9ht: If you had a reason to add me, i wouldnt be annoyed.
Ei9ht: Well, I dont even come close to like you. so please, read my rules again or dont add me.
Ei9ht: Yes? Do you understand? or do i have to explain it once more for you tiny little money brains?
FragZ: omggg
FragZ: why :c
FragZ: i cannot be ur frend
FragZ: ur just mad cuz i wreck u at mge?
Ei9ht: awhh, my little chimpansee is getting emotional..
Ei9ht: becuase youre dumb.
FragZ: Omg
Ei9ht: i dont even like you, i told you before
FragZ: Thanks
FragZ: Thanks.
FragZ: so much
Ei9ht: no problem, my dude.
Ei9ht: have a good day.
FragZ: Your?
FragZ: Lmao
FragZ: How i can your
Ei9ht: oh, and please dont add me again.
FragZ: if im not even your friend
FragZ: WHy not?
FragZ: Man
FragZ: Why your so positive
FragZ: at reservoir
FragZ: and other servers
FragZ: but when we are alone
FragZ: you are negative for me
Ei9ht: Because when im in resevoir and other servers, i actually play with people i like. And you piss me off everytime you come in with your retarded shit. I tried to be friends with you in the past, but i cant stand you. So please, dont even act like its weird i am rude to you.
FragZ: Lol
Ei9ht: "lol" is your answer to my explanation to your question? if you do not understand it because youre just retarded, ask me to explain it to your little chimpansee brains.
FragZ: lol
Ei9ht: okay,
FragZ: Your
FragZ: ARe
FragZ: Are stupid
Ei9ht: "your are are stupid" Thats a nice sentence you made right there
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TF2 Competition History :

ETF2l 6s Season 28 Open Participant ( Scout )
ETF2l 6s Season 29 Low Participant ( Demo)

ETF2l Highlander season 14 Open Participant ( Soldier/Scout/Demo )

UGC Highlander Season 23 Steel Participant ( Scout )
UGC Highlander Season 23 Steel Playoffs ( Scout )

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Couple things you should know about me

Age : 16 :csgostar:
Gender : Male :csgostar:
Fav Game : TF2 :csgostar:
CS:GO Rank : Lem :csgostar:
Current TF2 Div : Open :csgostar:
Main Classes : Scout and Soldier:csgostar:
Total hours (TF2) : 1,1K + this account :csgostar:
Total hours (CS:GO) : 1.9K + this account :csgostar:


This is my second account?

This is my main account, but not the first one. I started using this account, because I got Vac on My main what I used to play CS:Go and then i started Cs:Go and TF2 on this account and i didnt want to be switching accounts all the time.


Shaadens tf2center stats xD
Shaadens tf2center profile where you can go to his stats xD



My pc: Asus rog g20
My mouse: Steel series rival
My keyboard: Asus Cerberus
My monitor: Asus Vg 248 ( 144Hz )
My headsett: Steelseries Siberia 200


Looking forward to incoming seasons, would love to play demo on HL next.
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Tea kee
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Is it about his dirty socks? If yes, you can go away. THEY'RE MINE!
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i have a few questions
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