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My name is Celso Tito Godoy, or just Titoncio, i'm 24 years old and i live in São Paulo (Brazil). My main language is portuguese but i can speak in english and spanish, so feel free to contact me in any of these languages. Currently i am working in lots of projects, feel free to talk about anyone.

In game: yes i am playing the game, i don't like to farm cards or just fake hours.
Away: Sleeping or just afk. I can't talk for now.
Online: In computer, but this not means i am free to talk.

I like to play all type of games and write reviews about them. Here are my completed games list
:goldenstarsmile: = All achievements unlocked
:csgostar: = Game has no achievements but got 100% ingame
:starempty: = Not interested in all achievements or not possible to achieve

Grand Theft Auto III (29/04/13)
Scribblenauts Unlimited (08/06/13) :goldenstarsmile:
Offspring Fling! (10/07/13) :starempty:
The Binding of isaac (13/07/13) :starempty:
4 Elements (05/03/14)
Phoenix Force (28/12/14) :goldenstarsmile:
Plug & Play (19/04/15)
SpaceCorn (30/06/15) :csgostar:
Hexcells (12/07/15) :goldenstarsmile:
Spoiler Alert (25/07/15) :goldenstarsmile:
The Plan (25/07/15) :goldenstarsmile:
Hexcells Plus (25/07/15) :goldenstarsmile:
Hexcells Infinite (18/09/15) :goldenstarsmile:
LOVE (11/12/15)
Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio (12/12/15)
SquareCells (16/12/15) :goldenstarsmile:
My Name is Mayo (22/02/16) :goldenstarsmile:
Aozora Meikyuu (22/03/16) :goldenstarsmile:
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (02/04/16)
Grand Theft Auto V (01/06/16)
Super Button Soccer (14/06/16) :starempty:
Game Corp DX (17/07/16) :goldenstarsmile:
Pythagoria (14/11/16) :goldenstarsmile:
Voxelized (24/11/16) :goldenstarsmile:
Moirai (11/12/16) :csgostar:
Grand Theft Auto IV (13/02/17)
METAL SLUG 3 (28/02/17)
Radiator 2: Anniversary Edition (06/03/17) :goldenstarsmile:
STARUSHKO LUB (07/04/17) :goldenstarsmile:
A Date in the Park (17/04/17) :goldenstarsmile:
Emily is Away (18/04/17) :goldenstarsmile:
Angels That Kill DEMO (18/04/17) :goldenstarsmile:
True or False (17/05/17) :goldenstarsmile:
Californium (23/07/17)
Mu Complex DEMO (22/10/17) :goldenstarsmile:
Super Blue Boy Planet (23/10/17) :goldenstarsmile:
CrossCells (23/10/17) :goldenstarsmile:
Turn Around (29/10/17) :starempty:
You Have 10 Seconds 2 (04/11/17) :csgostar:
Freebie (08/11/17) :goldenstarsmile:
Frederic: Evil Strikes Back (09/11/17)
Potatoman Seeks the Troof (13/11/17)
Lowglow (14/11/17) :goldenstarsmile:
GUTS (15/11/17)
Counter Strike: Condition Zero (17/11/17)
Tenrow (19/11/17) :goldenstarsmile:
Make it indie! (19/11/17) :goldenstarsmile:
Human Resource Machine (20/11/17) :goldenstarsmile:
GravNewton (05/12/17)
DEEP SPACE WAIFU (25/12/17) :goldenstarsmile:
Pinkman (29/12/17) :goldenstarsmile:
Numberline (07/01/18) :goldenstarsmile:
There's Poop In My Soup (07/01/18) :goldenstarsmile:
Upside Down (08/01/18) :goldenstarsmile:
Heaven Island - VR MMO (11/01/18) :goldenstarsmile:
Evil Come (11/01/18) :goldenstarsmile:
Hook (12/01/18) :goldenstarsmile:
It's Spring Again (12/01/18) :goldenstarsmile:
how do you Do it? (15/01/18) :csgostar:
Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire (29/01/18) :goldenstarsmile:
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