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Posted: Sep 29, 2015 @ 7:57pm

This game... is a headache.

It's almost like several people wrote different plots, then someone strung them all together at the last minute and said, "eh, nobody will notice it doesn't make sense." What's left is... well, if you are trying to come up with what's actually going on while playing the game, odds are good that whatever you suspect is going on will be hella more interesting than the actual "story." The ending is awful, and I don't mind games that end badly when there's good reason to, but this ending was truly stupid.

This game claims to be horror but at best it is maybe cyberpunk or sci-fi. There is some decent use of creepy atmosphere and music but it all gets ruined by how lazy the rest of the game is. Jump scares are cheap but this game doesn't seem to care, and as a "bonus" they are badly-scripted. A lot of events are triggered poorly, sometimes only in part until you walk over the other magical spot of floor to trigger the rest.

I played the game at the same time as a friend over Skype, working together via voice chat on completely different platforms to get through the game... one jump scare specifically, I was very close to it when it popped, she never saw anything at all, and later I watched Cry LP it on Youtube and it popped when he was so far back, it was clear the jump scare had two stages (the second of which I never saw because it would have been behind me). I also apparently completely failed to trigger one towards the end of the game, one that my friend saw quite clearly and had audio too; we were following the same routes through rooms.

Lots and lots of padding, mostly creeping through long corridors past monsters and not really doing much else, especially later on in the game. I could keep whining, but let's face it... I wanted it to be a much better game. I expected it to be at least good, coming from Frictional Games. On the plus side, I didn't pay for it, another friend gifted it to me on Steam... I just feel bad that she paid for it now.

Oh, and the fanbase is unbelievably starry-eyed. This game is not good. Get over it. It's too easy, poorly written and scripted, and has gaping plot holes. It's glitchy and buggy, to the point that both I and my friend had to redo areas, and she even fell through the world while trying to hide in a corner (which you do a LOT in this game). Companies like EA must be thrilled that games like this one and Until Dawn are getting rave reviews. There's a movie called Idiocracy... if you haven't seen it, don't worry. We're pretty much there now.
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