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Oct 22 @ 3:49am
Originally posted by Tryzna:
Thanks for your time and interest!

- 4 to 6 vehicles - this is actualy implemented, but disabled. Space become too overcrowded so i decided to reduce party size from 6 to 4.

- Different MCVs - allready planned

- More Weapons - are objective of upcoming update which is comming in two weeks

- Gyrocopter - allready planned;-)

- crafting - allready beign considered(scavenger)

- enemy vehicles for yourself - allready planned

Glad most of the requested stuff is on the roadmap allready;-)
XDD Nice !
Oct 22 @ 3:21am
Some Suggestions i guess: - Bigger Vehicles as Defenders (not for hire) - Swat Van,Delivery Van

- higher the space for the vehicles from 4 to 6

- Different "HQ Trucks" - Fueling Truck or Bus

- More Weapons like a Assault rifle guy, pistol dude or machete guys
[jumpin from car to car]

- Gyrocopter with some raiders

- a good thing could be also a workshop where you can create stuff
via blue-prints with scrap parts

- maybe the enemies vehicles for ourself´s

I dunno, do what you want with these thoughts and have a good day sir

P.S great game !
Oct 6 @ 12:15am
For me it says no internet connection and it won´t download due to i guess yet again server problems ^3
Originally posted by Link.:
Thanks for the idea, but there will not be a new chapter, the level editor update will be the last with content.
dumb question but all in all mod support or just an character creator for the editor ... might this be possible ?
Aug 19 @ 12:39am
In topic Level Editor
Originally posted by Link.:
I'll do that tomorrow when I'm sober!
ok mate :-)
Aug 18 @ 11:28am
In topic Level Editor
Update ? Changelogs ?
Originally posted by ROMANS 9:
I would also pay for skins.
not me it is not a good thing to pay for skins which i do need to say will the modding community do better latter on if mod support will be there : /
Originally posted by axios2006:
Definitely sure that microtransactions is a word that we never hear from Door Kickers Devs.
Sounds Good
Aug 3 @ 6:06am
In topic Ideas
Hi ähm you could make the russian´s (with Rhs) and put in the custom ideas like the red glowing nvg´s or the helmet physic popping :-)
Aug 1 @ 8:17am
In topic Level Editor
Originally posted by Link.:
Originally posted by ✪ SteVE:
He am how do I make an elevator work, I mean it wont stop at the different floors Xd

Check this post:

But I'll make a better editor for the elevator at some point.
sorry im stupid but thanks for pointing me in the right direction
Aug 1 @ 5:06am
In topic Level Editor
He am how do I make an elevator work, I mean it wont stop at the different floors Xd
they won´t give us the freedom to do what we want, they want us to follow the linear way of the story and give us none to a bit replay ability.So they want us to rather buy the next game instead of giving us more freedom in these games today lol
P.S i like your Idea and it would be fascinating to sth. be like in DOOM or at least Far Cry :D
Jul 2 @ 1:40pm
In topic Level Editor
Level Editor update with the new Stuff ??
Originally posted by Strife:
Direct control mode with your team mates following you, covering arcs on their own. While I enjoy the planning in Doorkickers I recently played the promising Alpha of Police Stories and really would love to see a similar direct keyboard+mouse feature in Doorkickers 2.
would be good if it could be optional
Originally posted by B.Collier (Northern Epsilon):
Actually I just remembered this post:

Originally posted by LyNx:
I would love to see some sort of troop management aspect. Not just in a menu style but an actual Headquater. With several specifications like:
----Evidence storage
----The Boss´s Office
----Situation Room
Sort of Xenonauts Base which can actually get attacked.

Training room:
Here would the troops be training gaining strength or loosing it if not regularly go to workout

All sorts of Weaponry, Body-Armor, Tazers, maybe nonleathal for riot control?

Evidence storage:
Storage for Evidence found in Missions (Could also be an interesting target for criminal organisations, and therefore one reason to attack HQ)

The Boss´s Office:
Managing the financial aspekt of your Troops. Regular Income Based on Mission Performance. Management of Retirement/ Invalidity Fonds (influencing Motivation of the Troops). Income from any other sort.

Situation Room:
Control Room with an overview of the regional Situation. Here one could decide on which Mission to go first.

How about those ideas I know it is a lot to ask but other Games have also focused on the Management of Police forces. It would be an interessting extension to the core gameplay
Maybe we could have a sort of evidence room where we find stuff from criminal organizations we attack if this gets implemented. (ie: Drug cartels, gun runners, etc, since we know spec ops likes to play with junkies)
Also would could be cool to have cartel boss´s seperate cartel boss´s which lead to the head of an organisation
May 29 @ 8:27am
In topic We need a Slither-style DLC!
+1 Would be pretty cool with the space setting too :D
Originally posted by axios2006:
Originally posted by Steve:
yep that is what i intended to say

Ah, ok.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Also thx for the fast respond´s
Originally posted by dog
Originally posted by axios2006:


Level editor already confirmed.

No police. The theme is military.

Early Access "should" start later this year. No official date.

maybe he meant have corrupt local police force that helps the terrorists
yep that is what i intended to say
Enemy Snipers would be cool and maybe some enemies who would throw smokes and hide in there or leave there for distraction ... maybe some corrupt police officers and of course the level editor .... is there an official release date ?
May 20 @ 10:55am
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