The Winglet
Mark Palmer   Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Full time animator, part time Scooby-Doo villain:

No random invites please. Not because I'm a horrible person, but because I can't be friends with everyone.

If you want to collaborate with me on a SFM project, post on my Steam Group or YouTube channel first. Please only do so if you know you have some sort of skills to offer.
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FeelsBadMan 10 hours ago 
++rep nice sfm maker :D
Kresinite Feb 18 @ 2:47am 
looking forward to whatever the hell ur making :mgh_17:
Unidentified Flying Potato Feb 17 @ 5:21pm 
That bastard cowardly hid it in the description, look at how many people liked the video thinking it was he who made it, UNACCEPTABLE!
(Youtube)Engieworld Feb 17 @ 2:08pm 
ok, i watched the vid that Waphie tole us
and the guy's channel was trying to say

"This is not a compilation basically bland is a movie The animation is from the YouTuber the winglet rights."

on the desc, but is in spanish. but still, he dont have permission from you
;)pardon?? Feb 16 @ 6:14pm 
+rep best sfm video maker
Toast Wizard Feb 14 @ 8:21pm 
Did you hear about the Raxxo collab?