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Founder of Salt Free Gaming.
ozfortress League Administrator [warzone.ozfortress.com]

I clean out my friends list often, feel free to re-add me

Finark : Can you stop hacking for fuck sake
Finark : No prime hack fest

ozfortress obla: cute fuckup
ozfortress obla: u ding dong
ozfortress obla: xoxo

Tras` SmurphyBoii : and that ther
Tras` SmurphyBoii : is a hacker

Jaden Smith : aimbot

Aidan McLaren : You know, I think you're exploiting lag, Christian. The deliberate kind.

Magpie : wow 2 smurfs

Magpie : legit
Magpie : smurfs
Magpie : every game

Fushandchups : are you all smurfs or what

Aiken : sick smurf
Aiken : and pro tf2 player

hatward : the walls tho

worst™ : can someone check if wiggan is hacking

world is BlankiestBlank: k m8, il tak lik u
world is BlankiestBlank: wont even try to corrernt myself
world is BlankiestBlank: any mistakes stay
world is BlankiestBlank: fuck, I;n too good at typing

Mink: because you are the refined metal
Mink: in my life

(SourceTV) TCiFT | yauch : THE DINKS
(SourceTV) TCiFT | yauch : T H I S W E E K I N D I N K S
(SourceTV) The Other Side Of Time : just quitely
(SourceTV) TCiFT | yauch : HES HEATING UP
(SourceTV) Azer : D I N K
(SourceTV) The Other Side Of Time : I am going 'rather' large
(SourceTV) The Other Side Of Time : and i just wanted to inform all of you
(SourceTV) The Other Side Of Time : about how i am 'rather large'
(SourceTV) The Other Side Of Time : right now

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OWL9 - Div 4 - ph.urious - Scout 5th - Friendliest Team
OWL10 - Div 5 - Uni-Cycle - Demoman 5th
OWL11 - Div 3 - Uni-Cycle - Demoman 4th - Friendliest Team
OWL12 - Div 3 - Uni-Cycle - Demoman 4th - Friendliest Team
OWL13 - Div 3 - Uni-Cycle - Scout 3rd - Friendliest Team
OWL14 - Div 2 - Uni-Cycle - Demoman 4th
OZF15 - Intermediate - Salt Free Gaming. - Roamer 9th - Friendliest Team
OZF16 - Intermediate - Salt Free Gaming. - Demoman 3rd - Friendliest Team
OZF17 - Intermediate - Salt Free Gaming. - Demoman 1st - Friendliest Team - Most Improved Team
OZF18 - Premiere - Salt Free Gaming. - Demoman 8th - Friendliest Team
OZF19 - Intermediate - Salt Free Gaming. - Demoman 2nd - Friendliest Team

ozfortress Cup 3: Wildcard Entry
ozfortress Cup 4: Wildcard Entry

Summer Inaugural 2013 - ph.urious - participant


UGC - Season 14 - Platinum Div - zG High Rollers
UGC - Season 15 - Platinum Div - zG High Rollers
UGC - Season XX- Platinum Div - No Kid's Here
UGC 4's - Season XX - Crabs

SA "Highlander" Team 2012


ADAMANT: Founder / Captain est2012

ph.urious: Founder / Captain est2012

UNI-cycle (portbrigade.jenco/1bike): est2013

Salt Free Gaming: Founder / Captain, est2015


Case: NZXT Phantom 630
PSU: Antec 650w
MOBO: Asrock h87 Performance
CPU: i5 4670k
CPU Cooler: Hyper 212X
GPU: Gigabyte Overclocked GTX780
RAM: 16gb Kingston HyperX / HyperX Fury
Drive: Kingston SV300 120gb SSD
Drive: Sandisk 256gb SSD
Hard Drive: Western Digital 1TB Blue
Hard Drive: 300gb Backup Drive
Monitor: Asus vg248qe 144hz Monitor
Monitors: 2x 60hz Monitors
Mouse: Steel Series Rival Fade
Mousepad: Puretrak Talent
Keyboard: WASD 104key custom cherry brown
Headphones: ATH AD1000x
AMP: Technics SU-V3
EQ: Technics SH-8015
Mic: AT2020 + Blue Icicle

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last played on Aug 16
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last played on Aug 13
Say Goodnight, Gracie Apr 28 @ 4:03am 
Hey Wiggin! I'm one of the winners from two weeks ago, Diable Rouge. I left a comment on that video today, so when you get on, can I get the key? Thanks man.
NEW Mar 7 @ 1:28am 
60000 people sneezing in unison
Vivi Mar 3 @ 6:02am 
Added for a Q
ShortyDevil Jan 30 @ 5:24am 
잡채 HOT 잡채 Nov 30, 2016 @ 4:59am 
hi wiggin i am a huge fan of the daily donks!!
잡채 HOT 잡채 Nov 23, 2016 @ 2:18am 
welcome back jordie !!!