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Hello was I going to tell you about me?
Well...I guess I was
Hello my name is non of your concern.
What kinda games do I like, you may ask.
I like games like Warframe, Xenoverse 2, and Garry's Mod.
What do I do in these games??
Well... I trade stuff for plat or rare stuff in Warframe.
I use cheap builds and test builds out in Xenoverse 2.
And In Garry's Mod... Well I get mods and play with my boy.
Group: Anime Fans For Life
Edit1.I was gonna use Trinity Prime for Ev but cause you pissed me off ill use my Ember
Edit 2. why do you think Golden form for Freiza race sucks? Its better than purification, thats for sure
Edit 3. What am i looking for??? Oh yea the vault mods! having too much fun killing these infested
Edit 4. TOP 3 DBZ CHARECTERS: Gogetta,Janemba,VeggitoSSGSS
Edit 5. "WTF man is that a nuke? just don't shoot it"Lady satsuki says " Why not?" Friend asks. "ITS A NUKE" Replies Lady Satsuki.
Edit6. STALKER WHY. what ever.
Edit 7. Why does the boltor prime kill so easy. MAN DAT OP
Edit9.yes I am a weeb who gives a f.
Edit10. Don't hide your vac ban embrace them and know that your petty cries do nothing for you... Just like God never forgets a sin
Edit11. yes i am a sucker for anime

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legend has it Magic milk was a backgroud chracter for Magic mike
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(my name everytime i see u)
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Enjoy PAYDAY 2!
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I only suck Big asses
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U suck ass