Wisconsin, United States
"How did that even happen!?!?" "Well that's a maniac for you."
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Hello There!

Busy means I'm at work (professional Web Developer). As a father my time on steam or gaming can be short.

2017 Games Completed
MAFIA III - 37hrs

The following is 100% (all achievements) completed
Zup! - 23mins
Zup! 2 - 27mins
Zup! 3 - 1hr
Zup! 4 - 45mins
Zup! Zero - 50mins
Soup - 12mins
Rest House - 40mins
Oik - 40mins
Oik2 - 50 mins
LOR - 35 mins
The Quest for Achievements - 45mins
Slash It - 1hr 20mins
Slash It 2 - 1hr 40mins
Zroll - 1hr 10mins
#monstercakes - 5mins
Sleengster 2 - 5mins
Steel Invaders - 10mins
Arcane Raise - 3mins
Arcane RERaise - 1min
Arcane PreRaise - 5mins
Zup! 5 - 1hr 10mins
Brother Wings - 37mins
NGTHMN - 2hrs 45mins
VITATIO 2 - 1hr 10mins
Hunter's Grim - 2hrs 45mins
Zen vs Zombie - 3hrs 50mins
Drive By Hero - 7hrs 40mins
Running Through Russia - 54mins
Employee Recycling Center - 17mins
Dinosaur Forest - 37mins
Machine Hunt - 16mins
Sisters in Hotel - 5hrs 25mins
Survival Zombies The Inverted Evolution - 17mins
Dinosaur Hunt - 19mins
Dungeon Creepster - 13mins
Pain Train - 47mins
Pain Train 2 - 1hr 10mins
Adventure Rage - 3hrs 30mins
Rage Parking Simulator 2016 - 1hr 30mins
Quadrant M4 - 15mins
Universe in Fire - 1hr 50mins
Trashville - 4hrs 30mins
Run Away - 6hrs 50mins
Phantom Solider - 16mins
Hell Girls - 7hrs 25mins
The First Spark - 6hrs 50mins
NASWAY - 2hrs 30mins
Family Cobweb - 8hrs
Creature Clicker - Capture, Train, Ascend! - 120hrs
LA Soul - 3hrs 35mins
It's Village - 5hrs
Out for blood - 7hrs 20mins
Achievement Hunter: Cromulent - 3hrs
Achievement Hunter: Extreme - 5hrs 30mins
Sleengster - 2mins
The Safeguard Garrison - 20mins
The Safeguard Garrison 2 - 17mins
The Safeguard Garrison: Space Colonies - 8mins
Torch Cave - 8mins
Torch Cave 2 - 12mins
Wild Goo Chase - 20mins
Run, Goo, Run - 20mins
Viewpoints - 5hrs 10mins
The Last Photon - 8mins
GooCubelets: The Algoorithm - 8mins
GooCubelets 2 - 12mins
GooCubelets: Color Blocking - 8mins
GooCubelets: RGB - 7mins
Achievement Hunter: Begins - 4hrs 30mins
Neon Hardcore - 42mins
DeepFear - 42 mins
The soldier in the mine - 16mins
Deep Space Waifu - 1hr 45mins
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Perfect Games
Avg. Game Completion Rate
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Joke review? There's too many, here is the truth.

This is the game that:

You love to hate
You can't sleep at night over
You throw things around the room
You scream at your monitor
You start yelling at people that come in your room and start asking questions
You get ridiculed just for playing a match
You are cheered on by your team
You get flashed by your teammate
You meet children
You meet adults
You meet adults that act like children
You learn the term "tked" the hard way
You are constantly called a kitty cat
You are told you are homosexual
You are told you are lesbian
You are told you will never be a pro despite never trying to be one
You are told you will never be a minor despite never trying to be one
You are told you will never win a lan despite never trying to enter one
You apparently live in your mom's basement
You find out your mom has been having some strange relationships
You find out your dad has been having some strange relationships
You are recommended to drink bleach
You learn you are autistic
You try to ruin someone's internet/real life
You watch people get bans for tking
You meet the most terrible people on the internet
You meet queued people that just look forward to kicking you before the win (If solo queued)
You are held to high degree by your team to clutch everything even 1v4s
You learned the term "clutch or kick" the hard way
You are told you suck even though you have way more kills/kdr than them
You are called a hacker for listening to footsteps
You are told the bomb is B when it is actually A
You pop out of an angle only to get one shotted
You hit sweet sweet flicks
You can't aim worth♥♥♥♥♥♥You hear the classic excuse "I'm not even trying bro"
You turn racist/culturist
You find the DJs
You find the soundboard bros
You find the most strategic people you will ever meet in a game
You realize you are a rage quitter
You lash out to other people who lash out to you
You try to calm others down
You learn the term "tilted"
You meet people who watch youtube vids and think that's the only way the plan can go
You meet people who think the team should die for them so they can get the kills
You get screwed from people leaving your team
You find people that just like to afk grief and watch your team lose and probably laugh
You find people not skilled enough to play their ranks so they throw the match and derank down
You get in a match and someone needs to go afk for 5-15mins or leave
You play overpass
You realize playing overpass was a terrible choice
You get connection errors
You get screwed over by your IP and get a cooldown ban
You meet who lag purposely
You win some
You lose some
You tie some
You rank up
You rank down
You Ace
You don't get a kill for a long while
You become top fragger
You become bottom fragger
You go 16-0
You go 0-16
You learn the maps
You find out you didn't really learn said maps
You find people calling out to help the team
You find people with no mics to help out the team
You find people with mics that bought the cheapest mic possible

But yet in all the madness somehow it is ok....

You get back on the next day and go through the same roll of♥♥♥♥♥♥again and you do it with a smile.. at least when you start.

That my friends is a game that will carry on with you forever.

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CarbonCarl Aug 21 @ 4:51pm 

нανє α ωσи∂єяfυℓ ωєєк!

CarbonCarl Aug 17 @ 9:46pm 

Have A Wonderful Week!

Have A Lovely Weekend!
Rexarma Jul 21, 2016 @ 7:12am 
Happy Birthday!
420-SmokaSizzle Dec 31, 2015 @ 9:27pm 
Happy New Year