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Hi i kewl xd

PC specs

CPU:AMD fx 8320e 4.3 ghz 8 cores
GPU:evga gtx 680 2gb
Motherboard:Gigabyte 8800 Am3+ socket
RAM:Corsair Xms 1600 mhz
Harddrive:SanDisk 240 gb ssd
Harddrive2:Seagate Barracuda 1tb
PSU:Raidmax 765w 80+ bronze

Speakers: Swan m10s <-- Sleeper brand highly recommended
Headset: Sennheiser x Massdrop 6xx
Mouse: Razer Naga
Keyboard: Razer blackwidow compact
Mousepad: Roccat Taito Control

Yes i suffer from bipolar disorder, but without her, i dont know where i would stand
https://steamcommunity.com/id/theoriginalnitro/ Rania <3

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Sh00p the S3X Magician : i mean you got what. four snipers? all garbage?
Sh00p the S3X Magician : mhm snipers dont belong in the front line
Clit Eastwook : radiant hacking, detected, reported
Clit Eastwook : hacker down
Livewire : Hacks
Livewire : You are hacking and you know it

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Dor Mar 4 @ 2:22pm 
-rep, Parzival is a bloody fool!
Parzival Mar 4 @ 1:29pm 
Dor Mar 3 @ 10:01am 
-rep had to go scout to beat me in a sniper fight where I was walking in circles- this guy should be banned on ugc :TimoreEye:-:TimoreEye:
SmellyWafflez Feb 24 @ 7:50pm 
Hey sorry for not responding to your trade offer (or did I decline the offer? Sorry haven't been using Steam in a while) but please just keep it but thank you though
Dor Feb 10 @ 8:48am 
-rep, UGC paper plate
seddit Feb 10 @ 7:09am