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eldridgo May 26 @ 8:15am 
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MrStabby Feb 23 @ 1:27pm 
Guys. I need help. Currently I'm in a state where I can't think, dream or talk about anything but Mr. Ping from Kung-fu panda. He's just so irresistible. I want him to make me a noodle sculpture of my body and stroke it with his slender wings. Then we will go to the mountains and lay under the glowing stars. And when the time comes I will lay him down to bed and watch him sleep. His slow pacing goose snores lull me into a hypnotic trance as I too fall into a deep sleep. I wake up to the smell of noodles. Mr. Ping is in the shop making noodles. His job is nothing to me "Mr. Ping?" I ask "why do you make noodles without me" "I can't share the secret recipe" Mr. Ping explains. He turns back to the pot and tastes his noodles. Mr. Ping falls to the ground as the sleeping pills overtake him. He is my destiny now. I lock him in a cage and lay against it. "Oh Mr. Ping" I say "you complete me."
Befehlsleiter Genosse Feb 12 @ 12:04pm 
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MrStabby Jan 24 @ 2:39pm 
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MrStabby Jan 24 @ 2:39pm 
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