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Rocket League is a game that is soccer/football played on wheels. No feet required. Those soccer/football fans would feel at home playing Rocket League. This game has a basic and advanced tutorial that will teach how the basics of the game and prepare you for online play.

The game is simple in concept, but it encourages players to practice a lot in order to hone their skills. It requires lots of soccer/football skills to play effectively against online opponents. The object of the game is to hit the ball into your opponent’s net to score a goal, just like soccer/football. The cars feel just right as I move from one end of the field to the other. They feel like they are very easy to handle in enclosed stadiums as you can drive your cars up the walls and across ceilings while trying to hit a large ball.

While the cars feel light, flexible, and easy to handle, the ball is large and heavy. The ball everyone is trying to hit is in the air very frequently and this is when’s player’s skills are put to the test. Players can all cram together to hit the ball at the same time or a few of the players can wait for the ball to come down and avoid being bunched up with teammates and opponents at the same time. Cars can jump and dodge like soccer/football players can to hit the ball while in the air. The ability to jump and dodge can be used offensively or defensively. The only power up in the game is the boosters that can be used to increase your turbo. The turbo can be used to immediately catch up with the ball or demolish an opponent.

Demolishing an opponent occurs when you hit another car at full speed, but the game mercifully allows you to respawn in a matter of seconds. Your focus on the ball is determined by the camera, which can be used to see the field of play from a few angles. You can use the camera to pursue the ball, to defend, or to demolish other vehicles. The benefit of demolishing other cars is the awarding of individual points.

Points awarded to each player depend on what skill they have displayed on the field. While you receive the most points for scoring a goal, there are many other skills that award you points. There are points for clearing the ball, which means you moved the ball to your opponent’s side of the field. You receive points for spectacular saves, preventing your opponent from scoring. The points system for individual players underscores the fact that Rocket League is a team game.

The matches are varied as you can choose teams of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4. The 4v4 matches feel very hysterical, especially when cars are all together fighting for the ball on the wall. The most skilled players try to stay away from the wall in order to avoid being clustered with other teammates and opponents. It doesn’t take long to find a match since the servers appear to be very robust. It feels like Rocket League was designed for online play with humans rather than AI bots. You can leave the game and easily enter into another match since the time taken to find another match is seamless.

There are offline matches available, including exhibition matches and seasons that allow you to play solo. While you can customize the duration and difficulty of the offline matches, I do not feel like there is much replay value in them. You play against AI bots in offline matches and they feel weak and unreliable. The weakness in the offline matches demonstrates Rocket League’s importance in online matches between humans.

Completing matches increases your rank and can unlock new vehicles and upgrades. You begin as a rookie and your rank will increase to semipro as you complete matches. The new vehicles will not significantly improve your skills in future matches since their novelty feels like nothing more than cosmetic. The upgrades include fresh coats of paint, shiny wheels, dollar signs, UFOs, and pointy hats. While the new vehicles and upgrades are superficial, there is enough variety to encourage you to try them out to heart’s content.

There is crowd noise in the game that makes you feel like you are actually inside a real arena where real competition is going on. The arenas are varied in architecture and they look like enclosed spaces that allow for realistic looking football/soccer with cars, not your head.

I have questioned whether Rocket League has an anti-cheat engine. I learned that there are dedicated servers to control the authoritative physics of the game that minimize the possibility of cheating. I hope the developers will continue to work on the servers to ensure that cheating doesn’t occur. This is important because over time someone can find a hole in the game and exploit it.

If you like multiplayer online competition and are a soccer/football fan I recommend that you try Rocket League. The variety of the matches, robust servers, and the variety of upgrades are good enough to keep you coming back to improve your skills.

My score: 8.5/10
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