Dani : Mge ME YOU FAG!!
My intelligence is the focal point of my life. It is the cause of and solution to almost all the problems I have on a daily basis, but whenever I talk about them, I always get chastised for bringing up the fact that I am smarter than average even though I am. How do I do it without coming off as a pretentious twat?
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Matter of fact, I'm an engineering student, I will be making more money than you. My mind is something I use and need a lot. So I implore you to do some research on the biology behind black behaviour

Your greatest achieve will be cumming on your anime pillow, signaling the way for the spread of degeneracy into new stretches of our once fine culture. And I take great delight you're too much of an autistic leftist cuckold to ever breed. But it brings me great sadness that blacks as I aforementioned will be outbreeding high IQ whites at record rates.

And on the topic of insensitivity, grow up. I spoke plainly and I committed your marxist politically correct wrongspeak?

Racist is an ambigious word that's only purpose is to use, confuse and slander people with legitimate arguments.

Morally wrong, what does that even mean? That's not even wrong, it simply makes no sense. Yet one common theme I see here is you're not making arguments, you're just a public school trained dog repeating the dogma taught there. You have no idea what you're talking about nor expressing yourself except with "DATS WACIST!!" Well, good goy.

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When I turned 9, I learned about masturbation. I tried to touch myself to pornography, but it didn't work. As I grew older, I realized I felt arousal when I saw photographs of Luigi. My first orgasm was to a picture of Luigi crossdressing. It still makes me horny. I remember the first feeling of sexual attraction to Luigi. I imagine him in bed with me. I want Luigi to make me come over and over until I'm panting and I can't take it anymore. I'm too horny to continue writing this.
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Let's get one thing about me "straight" up front. When it comes to sexuality, I'm a as hetero as they come. If a gay guy came on I'd be like, "No way, bro I'm a straight-up party boy who's into chicks." Yup, one gay dude wouldn't stand a chance. It would take at least four or five gay guys strapping me down to make it inside me. Sorry, fellas, that's just how straight I am. And even then I wouldn't make it easy. I'd be like, "Hey look! There's George Michael!" And they'd all shriek "Where" at once, and I'd make a break for it, and they'd be like, "He's getting away Chase him! I want his butt!" But I wouldn't just give them my butt. They'd have to take it. And once they got me strapped down, I'd stop fighting it because that would be giving them what they want. And I don't want them to enjoy it. If anyone's going to enjoy it, it's going to be me. So, I'd just relax into it and taunt them by telling them how ripped and sexy I find them
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Secretly loves my ego. ;)
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Attention all visitors to this profile:

This child is SEVERELY autistic.

Do not make loud noises near him.

Do not shine bright lights near him.

Do not look him directly in the eye.

Do not touch him or any of his toys.

Doing any of the above may set him off on an autistic rampage that could endanger the lives of many.
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I know there's no form
And no labels to put on
To this thing we keep
And dip into when we need
And I don't have the right
To ask where you go at night
But the waves hit my head
To think someone's in your bed