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The description is a wip and will be completed soon, love you all <3 And no i'm not a fucking pegasister/brony, I just like the profile pic; this is just a filler line, profile picture information below \/


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Heyyy~! Welcome to my profile!
Hello you beautiful bastards, welcome to my profile!
Adding Rules

- If you are under level 10, please leave a comment
- If your profile is private, please leave a comment
- If you are neither of the things above, then I will most likely accept!
- Don't add me to collect friends (I clear my friends list monthly)
- Don't add me just to hate (Easy way to get blocked)
- Scammers who add me will get reported and blocked, along with a nice reserved spot for your worthless little lives on a Wall of Shame I'll make
- Ways to get blocked: Being a dick, spamming me, being annoying, being a scammer, sending me scam links
Great people

Icy Wolf
smesh mooth
My Currently Used Fursona
Name: Onyxia Wolfe
Sex: Female, despite her male appearance at first glance
Species: Pony
Hair colour: Grey
Skin colour: Black
Eye colour: A warm blue
Personality: Slightly brooding and pessimistic, but more often kind and curious

Name: Amethyst Sylvare
Sex: Female
Species: Dragon
Scale colour: Purple
Hair colour: Light blue
Eye colour: Light green
Personality: Cheery, caring
Things I like

- Friends
- Family
- RPs with my friends
- Being told i'm sweet or nice, or even pretty if you want to go that far
- Being told that i'm appreciated
- Being told that i'm a chill person
- Being told that i'm fun to hang around
- Completely destroying someone's argument
- Exploring
- Nature
- Rain
- Bosses in video games
- Malleable data files in games
- Coding shit
- Swearing, it's fun x3
- Oh yeah I like modding
- I love writing shit and cobbling together stories
- Chilling and sleeping
- Anything hot
- Most things cold
- Water bottles that are on the brink of freezing
- r/mildlyinteresting
- Discord
- Steam
Things I hate

- Being asked for ERP when I don't even know you
- Being treated like shit
- Being called a trap
- Having people shit talk behind my back when they're too pussy to say it to me
- Overly complicated or overly simplified answers to something
- Being forced to learn shit I don't care about
- School in general
- Life in general
- Most painfully optimistic people
- Drama
- Loneliness
- Being forced out of my comfort zone
- People who's self esteem and ego are so low they have to start flame wars over how good they are at something
- People who backstab me
- People who can't appreciate David Bowie
- People who blindly hate on someone despite there being no proof

In-game: I'm playing a game but I'll still talk to you, so feel free to message me
Online: PLEASE MESSAGE ME- too needy? Okay just, please talk to me, i'm always available when this is on
Away: I'm probably off doing something
Busy: Please don't message me unless I talk to you first
Looking to Trade: I'm never going to use this
Looking to Play: Probably for when i'm horny but meh
Offline: Sleeeepiiiiiing, or i'm doing something

"But what if a status is in your name?" Same rules apply
About me

- My name is Cheyenne
- I'm quite clearly a female
- My age is fuck off
- I'm pansexual, can't change it
- I'm a furry
- I'm NOT a pegasister
- I'm depressed and bipolar
- I have an eating disorder
- I love and care for all my friends
- I'm open to join almost every discord server you ask me to =3
- I'm open to friend requests from just about anyone
- I can't give a favourite game because I love a lot of them
- A good portion of my friends are out of country people
- I've been pushed around by people all my life
- I'm very sensitive sometimes so don't feel like I can take every joke you say all the time
- I enjoy EDM, rock, metal, etc.
- My favourite youtubers are: iDubbbzTV, JonTron, PeanutButterGamer, Vinesauce Joel, Vinesauce Vinny, H3H3
- I'd rather you not bring drama into my life, it's bad enough as it is
- I hate people who give 0 fucks about how others feel and only push their memes and retard agenda
- I'm always open to conversations so don't be a pussy and not message me
- Due to my bipolar disorder I have lows in my moods, I like to call these lows "Depressed episodes" and I get them quite frequently, you'll know i'm having one when my status is set to busy. If you feel capable of helping me out then message me, just don't be surprised if I ignore you
- I rarely ever play multiplayer games anymore, I only really play Terraria MP and Saints Row 3 co-op, so if you wanna play that then just ask, I guess
- Here's a big thing about me: I DON'T ERP WITH PEOPLE I DON'T EVEN FUCKING KNOW, so don't message me randomly for that kinda shit
- I’m 80% sure i’m a pony so yeah, don’t like it then too fucking bad
Are you a trap?

Other neat places you can find me at

My gmail [gmail.com]
❤~𝓒𝓱𝓮𝔂𝓮𝓷𝓷𝓮~❤#2734 My discord
Thanks for reading through all my stuff! Love y'all!
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