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Andrew Drinkwater   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hello! My Name is Bloo Kirby, Proud creator of the Under The Radar skin for the Gruber in PAYDAY 2! Add me if you want, but please at least tell me why you added me. If you do, It would be Mucho Appreciated, Amigo!
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Birthday: 29th of November

Favourite Games:

Team Fortress 2
PAYDAY: The Heist
Killing Floor
Killing Floor 2

Misc Info

I'm an achievement Hunter, Despite there being not much point, I try to get all the achievements in the games I play.
I have Type 1 Diabetes.
I'm trans female.

Memorable Quotes:

""You... little... pussy." That's what my old man called me. It stuck with my name. And I proved him right. By killin' all the wrong people. I love you, Henry. I'll never call you anything, but your name, but you gotta decide: Are you gonna lay there, swallow that blood in your mouth? Or, you gonna stand up, spit it out, and go spill theirs?" - Henry's Father, Hardcore Henry

"If you can hear 'em, but can't shoot 'em, You can probably grenade 'em." - Jimmy, Hardcore Henry

"I think you're cool. Like, you're super awesome amazing cool. I, I always felt like really awesome, too, when we were... Hanging out together. You know? I never really felt sad... When you died. I never felt sad when you died because I couldn't imagine a world without you. But I know it's real. I... I know... And I'm sad. Things... Things really are okay without you. But I now know with my other friends, who even if you add them all up together, aren't really as cool as you. I know we're all gonna be okay. I know we're all gonna be okay. I know we're all gonna be okay. Go back to heaven now, Church, and say hello to Loco when you get there. He was okay too." - Caboose, RvB Season 15

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aw, thanks buddy!
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eat a dick kiddo
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Hi, need players for RAID: World War II :)
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+rep fair trade