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5:12 PM - dK Karl ring: sdrawkcab gnipyt si draobyek ym ftw
5:12 PM - dK Karl ring: pleh
5:12 PM - dK Karl ring: yhctilg os 4 tuollaf si yhw
5:12 PM - dK vipa: LOL
5:12 PM - dK Karl ring: kcuf lautca eht tahw
5:12 PM - dK Karl ring: kcid ym kcus adshteb

UGC Highlander
S14 Steel spy with Anti Pros (4-4)
S15 Steel spy with SSVW (8-2)
S16 Silver spy with SSVW (12-0, 1st place)
S17 Gold spy with Pay 2 Win (6-2, 3rd place)
S18 Gold heavy with Appel (10-4, 1st place)
S19 Platinum spy with Bote Team (9-4, 3rd place)
S20 Platinum spy with The Dunning-Kruger Effect (9-1, 1st place)
S21 Platinum soldier with The Dunning-Kruger Effect (10-0)

ESEA 6v6
S21 Open roamer with I'm Sorry (8-8)
S22 Open roamer with Bote 6v6 (11-5, 1-1)
S24 IM roamer with The Pound (8-8)
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♥Harley♥ Mar 11 @ 8:35pm 
If you're reading this, you've been in a coma for twenty years. We are trying a new technique and don't know where this message will end in your dream, but we miss you and just want you to come home. Please, wake up, we love you.
zika incarnate Feb 25 @ 7:25pm 
danny - Today at 9:45 PM
@v nasty hes literally gonna rape u
like bend u over
and pound your ass

all my heteros are dead Feb 25 @ 7:24pm 
ash: acts all tough ingame
ash: in real life, smaller than a twig
ash: hm
ash: i feel like
ash: i will rape him
ash: if i ever saw him
February Feb 20 @ 7:24pm 
can you sign my mousepad?
all my heteros are dead Feb 19 @ 7:28pm 
i am STILL confused about that milf. added.
Pure Feb 13 @ 2:13am