lol 6s
You can ask me to play literally everything in mid if you want, spy in high

22/04/2015: I sold my Hale's own Grenade and Sticky Bomb Launcher ;w;

If you're a soldier main, kill yourself

Shitty quotes!

16:56:23 Tippo: My penis is bigger
16:56:35 ſ fenix ȷ: I can confirm

Roscosmos: before this match i wos topscore on 2fort
Roscosmos: was

(TEAM) naqua_ : Spy can you focus de demo pls ?

Vexxultra (IL SOLITARIO) ITA: tu sei ita tippo?

EnergyCima : tippo.-.
EnergyCima : wtf xD
Tippo : What?
EnergyCima : you are soldier green lel
Tippo: Ah.

Tippo: https://youtu.be/98lpQ-HjPOU
Classical Cartshop CASHING OUT: Your gay as shit
Classical Cartshop CASHING OUT: I bet you wack to that you kinky bastard

Dragan: pyro shot rockets ?
Dragan: how much is that cheat?
Hugo lafregnah: LOL
Tippo: x)
Toasterrocks: HAAAX
Tippo: Poor f2ps
Dragan: ok many servers wait

03:00:12 Yung French0 lft 6s: mi
03:00:14 Yung French0 lft 6s: mi
03:00:15 Yung French0 lft 6s: gazzo
03:00:18 Yung French0 lft 6s: es
03:00:20 Yung French0 lft 6s: grandissimo
03:00:21 Tippo: lol
03:00:30 haiku ✧: my favourite part about italy
03:00:35 PorcoDioFinalmenteTornato: nice
03:00:37 Tippo: Pizza?
03:00:37 Yung French0 lft 6s: yes
03:00:40 haiku ✧: wait tippo
03:00:41 PorcoDioFinalmenteTornato: pizza
03:00:44 haiku ✧: im uploading a pic
03:00:50 Tippo: k
03:00:50 PorcoDioFinalmenteTornato: or mafia?
03:00:54 Sac: Vespa's~
03:00:56 Tippo: Berlusconi
03:01:08 haiku ✧: http://i.imgur.com/1OR8ha4.png
03:01:12 Yung French0 lft 6s: berlusconi is a fuckin legend
03:01:18 haiku ✧: that's a good pizza
03:01:22 Tippo: What a meme

15:16:55 TF2Center: TC fenix was banned from this Lobby by Paczirisu
15:17:00 Paczirisu: no TC
15:19:30 Tippo: I'm a TC too
15:19:32 Tippo: :)
15:19:37 TF2Center: Tippo was banned from this Lobby by Paczirisu

Sasami: Ah ma tu sei Snaccka!
Tippo: Ma chi è Snaccka?
Spyro è uscito dal canale.
Tippo: Ah è lei

*DEAD*(TEAM) Tippo : take kritz
(Voice) Pendulum: MEDIC!
(TEAM) Lexy : dont have

@lej@ndr0: hi
Tippo: Hello
@lej@ndr0: trade ok
@lej@ndr0: trade
Tippo: ?
@lej@ndr0 is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
@lej@ndr0: gibus
Tippo: Currently trade banned
Tippo: Friend
Tippo: I'm trade banned
Tippo: I'm a bad boy
@lej@ndr0: one bandana
@lej@ndr0: :(

18:20:26 ( ITA ) HYDRA TF2 (ITA): sorry demo
18:20:46 ( ITA ) HYDRA TF2 (ITA): i maining demo

SiMoOn ✔ : easy f2p italians <-how mad can french guys be? :^

*DEAD* Tippo : porcodio stai zitto che hai ita nel nome
Lorenzo [ITA] : fa nnt
Lorenzo [ITA] : tanto xD

*being a retard in lobbies while using the backburner. A retarded polish appeares!*
(TEAM) firein : start do somethi' like spycheck you shitty kid

haiku : porco dio

"Scout's gameplay is easier than soldier's gameplay" -A retarded guy in a lobby

"Se è uomo ci spostiamo nella Tipocaverna" -Fenix 07/05/2015

Per favore, le memas -Zhevor 28/05/2015

Ace é una scimmia deforme senza mani e col cervello afk -Hugo 19/09/2015

Un tizio mi ha regalato la banana -Kate 19/10/2015

Ho scoperto una cosa terribile, ragazzi... i miei compagni di classe si fanno il bidet una volta al mese! -Zhevor 20/11/2015

2000 succhiano meglio degli aspirapolveri -Livin 10/01/2016

5 di larghezza? Cos'è 'na colonna? -Toso 24/02/2016

5 persone diverse mi hanno chiesto se mi possono mettere a novanta -Fenix 23/04/2016

Dal mio culetto escono solo cose, non entra niente -Kate 05/05/2016

ti giuro mi sta intigrando -Fenix 24/06/2016
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