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-Quotes Below-

"Let's get this toaster hot n' ready!" -LambSh4nk
"That nigga was going ham." -Jae
"That was actually pretty cool. I trickstabbed this guy while picking my nose." -LambSh4nk
"...and then I duplicated it 5000 times." -Morroq
"Next thing you know, the Mexicans will evolve to climb Trump's wall." -Morroq
"How does he hit those shots??"
"herro nothing personal, but theres some weird stuff in this demo ive taken and im gonna pass this ban" -[Head Admin] sam
"Freelance bad man. ... Fucking autocorrect;Feels bad man." -LambSh4nk
"get the fuck up u lazy dick cat" -LambSh4nk
"This is why I don't help people." -MJ
"This is as far as I go. I can only go down from here." -MJ (she's short)
"If you put a suit on a monkey, it's still going to look like a monkey..." -MJ
"Biological phycology at seven in the morning;LET'S GO!" -MJ
"Normal sized males seem short to me." -MJ
"Yeah he's a monster. He raped little babies." -LambSh4nk
"Damn, I wish I could play on this resolution. It would make my nipples hard.." -LambSh4nk
"woah. it like im high on crack" -CraZy
"my cog died tommorow" -shlebygaming
"Isaiah... Im ready to become a cam girl." -LambSh4nk
"xd, so you can smoke weed in the after-life." -LambSh4nk
"can you teach me how to use reddit?" -LambSh4nk
"I hope I get taken in by some nice white family, cause then they can buy me a new computer." -LambSh4nk
"...I don't know how long a minute is." -Lizzie
"I don't like people, even if they're dead." -Lizzie
"The numbers 14 and 42 are the same colour, but 42 is shinier." -Lizzie
"Why do you treat me like your autistic little brother?" -LambSh4nk
"Every shingle costs like 10 fps." -LambSh4nk
"Your mom is from sword art online." -Jamal
"ur names keep gettng gayer and gayer" -LambSh4nk
"I like to scare my friends. They all think Im an innocent little butterfly, and then I like to scare them... with memes." -Lizzie
"Why are you- nuhhhehhhh..." -MOO?
"Charles Dickens, back in 1994..." -Crazy
"Yo Im about to punch my mom in the dick." -Box
"None of my friends like cats, that's why they aren't my friends anymore." -Lizzie
"God has been AFK for too long. God has been kicked from the server." -Morroq
"Being in the PG discord is like being in a fat women's book club." -Don't Worry About It
"AD means.... after dinosaurs?" -TheorecticalSpy
"Is there a way to turn off your teammates?" -LambSh4nk
"Honesty is not as fun as lying to everyone you know and love." -Lizzie
"I knew it was one of those things like Game of Thrones, or Legend of Zelda.." -Lizzie
"when you headshot me like that.. that. is. fucked. up." -GirlDino
"I have orange chicken in my nose.. it hurts." -Morroq
"The titles sound so similar.. but they are so different." -Abby
"Dude this neo guy is a cuck" -Jatosion <3
"white supremisit skinny body..." -LambSh4nk
"why wait when you can just kill yourself?" -TheoreticalSpy
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sens: 1600cpi/0.27-in game | zoom_sensitvity_ratio 0.818933027098955175
mouse: Logitech G403 Wireless
keyboard: cmstorm rapid quickfire (cherry mx brown)
xhair(tf): style "" | scale 28 | 0 255 0
res(cs): 1920x1080 [16:9 native]
res(tf): 1920x1080 [16:9 native]

my computer-
i7 4790k @4.0GHz
GTX 970 SC @stock
16GB DDR3 ram @1600MHz
benq xl2411 @144hz

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s Aha! Jul 20 @ 3:29am 
ippo Feb 1 @ 6:35am 
"That was actually pretty cool. I trickstabbed this guy while picking my nose." -LambSh4nk

mattyboi121 Jan 22 @ 3:18am 
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ great streamer
why would you shoot at me Aug 21, 2016 @ 3:36pm 
pick a fucking class and stick with it

And not spy this time, please.
Mercury Jul 24, 2016 @ 2:54pm 
this is so generik
i should change this a bit ;-)
ippo Mar 20, 2016 @ 9:03pm 
well u will be missed but we can still play other games together if hopfuly u dont unadded me...
R.I.P IRISH SPY TAKEN BY TF2 COMMUNITY CANCER TO SOON... will be very missed my good friend.