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Shaanie/Shaa/Elli   Germany
Greetings and welcome to my steam profile!
My nickname is and has always been Shaanie. :) Depending on games
I am a huge fan of survival,horror and fantasy genres. You're welcome
to add me as friend as long as you're a nice and mature person!
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Some informations about me

I'm 27 years old.

I am german

I'm female and taken to the best man in universe!

I love to create artworks,3D models,animations and textures (mostly in blender/maya)

friendships, invites and comments on steam

I do remove users from my friendslist that become inactive on Steam to make more room for active users. If you were deleted, you can always re-add me. If you don't mind, please leave a comment before adding me so I know why you sent the request otherwise it may be ignored.

Do not send me random game invites, if you want to play a game with me then send me a message asking to do so. I may not feel like playing a game at the time or I might be working, so please be respectful about that.

If you decide to give me feedback on artworks feel free to do so I am open for criticism of all kinds as long as they are reasonable and constructive. If you get rude, try to insult me or try to spam me with unnecessary nonsense get ready to land on my block list and get reported if necessary.

Dead by Daylight

Main survivors: Meg P3, Claudette P3 and Feng Min P3

Playstyle altruistic,more careful than risky,playing fair as long as the killer plays fair aswell! If a killer camps I will not try to rescue you. Also if I get camped - don't bother to rescue me - do your gens and use the time I will give you! I will not blame my teammates for trying to survive. If you're an antimate on purpose (sandbagging,playing with the killer or do not help if it would be possible) I will be antimate to you aswell.

Main Killers: Trapper P3 ,Huntress P3 and occasionally Hag/Nurse

Playstyle No Camper, no patroller, I am always trying to play fair as long as you don't teabag, palletloop. troll or flashlight snipe me all game long. If you decide to do so, don't cry if you get camped.

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[SGW] Amilata Aug 11 @ 12:18pm 
╚╩╝╠╝╠╝╠╣╠╝║║╔╣ (¯`(❁)´¯)*(¯`(❁)✿

<3 <3 <3
emirademi Aug 1 @ 5:47pm 
+rep totally great artworks
ludacafafafgfg Jul 30 @ 1:55am 
+rep good player
♡ Shaanie ♡ Jun 18 @ 8:18am 
|☢ -- MilkShake -- ☢| Jun 18 @ 8:16am 
--------hi, my-------honey.-------
-----i'm really---happy that----
-my mailbox is full of those-
pretty hearts every day. so,
i just thought i would return
the favor, just in case you'd
--not yet realized just how i-
----love you. you are just----
-------so very, very, very-------
-------------special and-----------
----------------i adore--------------
♡ Shaanie ♡ May 24 @ 10:42am 
@Angel hihi daaanke <3 :)