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How much have I spent giving stuff away? Time to re evaluate my life choices.
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A Good Album.

When at first you do succeed, try not to look surprised.
I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. -Vincent van Gogh

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About Art
I do occasional free requests, and activities and events involving free art! I usually do earlier requests.
Half a key in ref/ items will get you a decent head profile picture done as soon as I can
A key will get you a wallpaper, or super detailed one character request of basically anything asap.
2 or more and you can request basically anything.
Donations of this size to the group I will also count as payment and will do any requests you have.
Add me to discuss!

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Feel free to add me, commenting's appreciated.
I don't care if I'm invited to random groups but I try to keep the number I'm in low.
Likes- Anime, Art, EDM
Favourite Anime- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Parade, Gurren Lagann
Favourite Games- Borderlands (1), Nuclear Throne, Sonic Adventure
Favourite Musicians- Tut Tut Child, Illenium, Au5, Deadmau5,- Wait, a non-EDM one? uh, Cage the Elephant.

Steam Goals:
Get an unusual I will keep (Overclocked Tipped Lid)
Get a sexy spell item (the rarest unique buds ever :D)
Own a 100 key plus unusual (Eerie Fire Human Cannonball)
Create a guide for making Loadout Art
1000 members in Loadout Art group
Make a profile pic for a YouTuber with 10k+ subs
350 games, GG Gaben.
Steam level 50, fuck.

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Loadout Art - Public Group
We make FREE art for YOUR loadouts!
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[Loadout Art] TeknoSquirrel Jan 16 @ 11:36am 
Check out the Loadout Art group, post a comment in the ARTWORK REQUESTS discussion there, in the given format
Cin Jan 16 @ 2:49am 
I'm wondering if you still do prpfile pictures for free. I'd love to have one like shown in your guide, but I'm not really skilled with all that stuff.
Please respond and I will add you. I can describe my loadout after that.
Hope you're having a wonderful day!
L | Cash Prizes Jan 12 @ 5:53pm 
Added to discuss artwork request.
Normality Jan 11 @ 8:29pm 
+re] cool.
UGC || Reckless Jan 11 @ 1:11pm 
added to talk about a trade please :)
Komrade Wonk ☭ Jan 11 @ 11:37am 
He's a male cape ground squirrel.