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i play Team Fortress alot
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my ETF2L profile -> http://etf2l.org/forum/user/91848/
my UGC profile -> http://www.ugcleague.com/players_page.cfm?player_id=76561198052461274


le LAN plays


playing maintenance-man

u clicked view more :^)
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I play srs Videogames sometimes
competetive History:

-UGC s9 : Medic for MuL (Steel)
-UGC s10 : Medic for OiaV (Steel)
-UGC s11: Engi for OiaV (Steel)
-UGC s12: Engi for OiaV (Steel)
-ETF2L s5: Engi for Bump up (div. 6)
-ETF2L s6: Medic for Team Awful/FTW (div.4/5ish,both teams died fast)
-UGC s13: Engi for HRA (Gold)
-UGC s13: Submed for Good Enough (Silver)
-UGC s14: Medic for The Cashiers (Platinum)
-ETF2L s7: Medic for the Cashiers (Div.2)
-UGC s15: Engi for the Revoluti0n (Silver)
-ETF2L s8: Medic for TC:Express (High)
-UGC s15: Medic for TC:Express (Gold,playoffs until final)
-UGC s16: Rosterrider for TC:Express (Platinum)
-UGC s16: Engi for Pizza Police (Gold)
-DeutschLAN 2015: Medic for Goldgräber-Gucci-Gang (not last place atleast )
-UGC s17: Solly/Demo for Section 8 (Gold)
-ETF2L s9: Demo for open_squad (Open)
-UGC s18: Medic for Section 8 (Gold)
-ETF2L s10: Medic for the Happy Sailors (Mid)
-UGC s19: Medic for the Happy Sailors (Gold)
-DeutschLAN 2016: Medic for LOLGermans (7th out of 10 teams)
-UGC s20: Medic-sub for -Xe- (Platinum)
-ETF2L s11: Medic for GODL (High/Mid)

-ETF2L s18: Medic for Digital reality (div.6,won it)
-ETF2L s19: Medic/Solly for the KAWAII KILLAHZ (div.6)
-ETF2L : playing for the Zimbabwe National Team (Kappa)
-UGC s15: Medic/Roamer sub for nervousENERGY (Platinum)
-UGC s16: Roamer for the Revoluti0n (Steel)
-ETF2L s20: Medic for Billy's Bandits (High? xDDDDD)
-ETF2L s21: Pocket for not /gE/ (Open)
RAZER Arena: Medic for KnüppelDudes (only team below prem/high standard,no idea what we are thinking)
-UGC s19: Medic for tEH sQuIdS oF D00M (Platinum,2nd place)
-ETF2L s23: Medic for Love is the movement (open)
-ETF2L s24: Pocket/Roamer for The Meth Lab (open)
-ETF2L s25 Med for The Meth Lab (Open)

-UGC s1: BnB (Steel,won it)
-UGC s2: BnB (Silver)
-UGC s3: the Revoluti0n (Steel)
-UGC s4: Team HELLO :) (Silver)
-UGC s5: Rush plant Banana (Silver,made it to playoffs)
-UGC s6: Rush plant Banana (Silver,2nd place)
-UGC s7: Rush plant Banana (Gold,2nd again)
-UGC s8: Rush plant Banana (Gold,tied for first with 4 teams)
-UGC s9: Rush plant Banana (Gold,first place)

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Tatty G Sep 1 @ 4:43pm 
Best med to beef with
Ba Ba Banküberfall, das Böse ist immer und überall.
Auf meinem Kopf einen Strumpf vom Palmers
Steh ich vor der Bank und sage "Überfall ma's!"
Mit dem Finger im Mantel statt einer Puffn
Ich kann kein Blut sehen, darum muß ich bluffen.
Ich schrei "Hände hoch! Das ist ein Überfall!
Und seid ihr nicht willig, dann gibt es Krawall!"
Eine Oma dreht sich um und sagt "Junger Mann!
Stell'n Sie sich gefälligst hinten an!"
Ba Ba Banküberfall, Ba Ba Banküberfall.
Winnie the Dabdoob Apr 1 @ 10:04am 
Signed by Arctic Fox 129.
snowi Dec 3, 2016 @ 7:12am 
y merry christmas
Hayden Oct 17, 2016 @ 11:35am 
Happy Birthday, b_fisch! =^.^=
MED RESISTANT GONORRHEA Aug 13, 2016 @ 9:16am 
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