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bob742omb Mar 26 @ 4:55pm 
Calloused fingertips explored every inch of Engineer's skin as Soldier's head went lower and lower…
stale lemon juice Mar 20 @ 8:35am 
This humor seems really jewish to me. like, something about it seems like something a jew would say. not in a bad way, jews are very successful people, but jewish humor is very prominent like their noses
stale lemon juice Feb 16 @ 12:03pm 
Hello friend. My name is a rajesh jai swaminarayam krishna. I believe in the act of reincarnation and hope so if u want to believe as well. The reincarnation is basically made up of a the 2 aspects. Karma and jeevan shakti (jeevan meaning the life and shakti meaning the force). Anyways, If u do the things of good karma then there is good chance of u being the human again, but this time u r born into better cicumstance like Mukesh abanis son (Mukesh is richest fellow in india). But if u have doing things with bad karma and u have also bad jeevan shakti, then u might be something of low significance, like a troublesome ant or a lonely caterpillar. Anyways I have to a go now and do the yoga, my name is rajesh, and you can call me anytime.
stale lemon juice Feb 8 @ 10:19pm 
Wow, what a genius song. I'm utterly blown away. The lyrics, the melody, the themes of rich vs. poor, it's all there. And the mumbling furthers the rich vs. poor theme. By pretending to sound mentally retarded, the rapper creates a character that reminds all of us that the United State truly is the land of opportunity. Also, the word 'nigga' is used so often, so as to satirize the rap genre, while simultaneously paying homage to its roots. I love black people and am not racist, I have plenty of black friends, and once again, I am not racist. Not that that has anything to do with my enjoyment of rap however. The two are separate, but boy oh boy, do I wish I were black. Great song nonetheless, and once again, I love black people.
stale lemon juice Jan 26 @ 6:51pm 
Remember how the goal of the roman empire was to rule the world? So like this whole Roman Catholic thing not just like a legacy of white washing? Like why are u guys laughing at me for looking at the moon (whose gravitational pull controls the water on earth/humans are 70% fucking water) for guidance when ur on the floor speaking in fucking tongues or some shit and chanting in latin and carrying out the legacy of a dead empire just because thats what ur parents did and their parents did. and that fucking cheap ass wine isn't the blood of Cesar er i mean jesus or whatever and thats just a fucking cracker that some nun made and you're allowed to channel whatever form of energy that u want in to it for spiritual significance but don't fucking come at me for finding energy in crystals and shit when they've literally been forming for thousands of years out of the minerals deep in the earth that we are also made of fuck you war on christmas is now a year round event
stale lemon juice Jan 17 @ 5:27pm 
I'm not a weeaboo or anything, but Cory in the House is the best anime ever created. The animation is almost lifelike with the only reason I'm sure it's not live action is that no human being can be as Rad as Cory. The opening is the greatest ever made with a beautiful song and secrets in every frame. The story of the most powerful human to ever exist traveling in time to serve the greatest empires is a simple one, but becomes so amazing. You can watch and see how he truly begins to love America and how it differs from his time serving the Romans, when he helped destroy the empire. Cory in the House is 10/10 best anime.