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After about 5 minutes I was actually able to loot this item by getting the camera juuuuuust right while wedging my character as much as I could on the rigth side of the pillar (on PS4 version). And yeah, its just electronic scrap. It isn't the only item that's impossible or near-impossible to reach, and probably no one would ever know about these if it weren't for the use of Sunglasses or other item-finding abilities.
Nov 19 @ 9:52am
In topic Nasty's Quest
Originally posted by v0:
maybe it's bug or something else important i failed to notice. i was mostly admire/idolize level. surely ray's was on admire not idolize before i got to last surprise turn for him. two babes might've both been on idolize before i got to their final step. i think my nasty surely was.

I know I said I'd leave this thread alone but just wanted to report back that the patch was definitely the issue in my case. I had spent like a month of game time after beating it and no progress on companion quests. Then the patch came out on PS4 and when I loaded it up today, suddenly Caja and Nasty run up to me and want to do more quest stuff.
Originally posted by Ocsabat:
I'm curious as to where Rat left the body.

I was paranoid about that whole scene for awhile. I thought for sure Rat was going to use it against me at some point. LOL!

I actually did find Blake's body later, on a cliff along with a bunch of other Outlaw bodies down around the Fort itself somewhere. Like he'd been thrown off the side of one of the plateau's that holds up the Fort.
Monster Hunter World
Nov 18 @ 10:51am
In topic DUMB question incomming...
Originally posted by neo.lmx:
+1 It would be interesting to have female character only.

For sales I don't really agree. Tomb Raider is the proof that a game centered on a female character can beat every game around and can still make big sales 20 years after its creation.
PB knows how to make a protagonist interesting and they already made interesting non-playable female characters (like Patty in Risen). So I think it could work.

Well I'm just saying what I read from studies done a few years ago. Yeah Tomb Raider is a big successful series, but would it have been more successful with a male protagonist? No way to really know. Isn't Nathan Drake basically the same character but male, and how well does Uncharted do compared to Tomb Raider (I don't actually know)?

I don't know how significant the difference really is or if it even applies any more thes days, I just remember reading about it a few years ago and thinking that it was lame. I've certainly never been turned off by a female lead, a lot of my favorite protagonists are female and I generally make female protagonists in games that give the option (it's roleplaying after all, playing my own gender seems boring - that's also why if given the choice of race I'll tend toward being a Dwarf or whatever is the least human-like), and the next game I make will most likely have a female lead despite what these studies say, screw it. But as much as you or I might think it's stupid, there are still way more games with male leads and I know various devs have admitted that they chose the gender of their main character based on statistical sales data analysis rather than personal preference.

In any case, point is that PB games are not likely to make a choose-your-own-gender game ever, and I'm personally totally fine with that and even prefer it for more cohesive story-telling. They are also unlikely to make a female lead ever, and that is a shame because I think it could be super interesting.
Nov 18 @ 10:08am
In topic DUMB question incomming...
Originally posted by Harry Kappa:
Sadly, no and never will be in a PB game IMO. I think this is the weakest RPG element of ELEX - unable to create a character

While I have no specific objection to creating your own character in an RPG, and in fact if given the choice almost always go for a female avatar, there's something to be said for coherency of story-telling to have a specific protagonist. The Witcher games, for example, also have a specific protagonist the story is written around. Or take any non-open-world-RPG. Would Tomb Raider play the same if you could choose your gender? Certainly the reboot one from a few years ago wouldn't, since specific parts of the story relate to the protagonist being a woman.

It is more than just a texture swap and having to hire a second voice-actor, all the other dialog also needs to be adjusted for the MC's gender, as well as potentially relationships and various ways characters treat you. In fact, in PB games in particular their worlds are often specifically sexist, on purpose, rather than being "enlightened" like many RPG worlds where gender makes no difference to most characters. Many times quests and story directly address gender inequality in PB games (like with Patty or Nasty) rather than pretending it doesn't exist.

Now personally, I think it would be really really interesting to play through a PB game as a female character, and have to deal with the difference in how you would be treated (there was a great mod of Gothic 2 I played called Velaya or something like that I really enjoyed that did just that). But, I would not, for such a small studio that manages to craft such rich worlds despite their size, ever expect or even want them to make a choose-your-own-gender game, as it would water down the story and character interactions to be more generic, and cost them a lot of resources I think would be better spent elsewhere.

Instead, I think it would be great if they made a game one day that just happened to have a female protagonist with no male option, and really explored how that would work in one of their worlds. Unfortunately, studies have shown that on average having a female as your only choice of protagonist actually does lower sales, which is ridiculous but such is the world we live in, and thus I kinda doubt they'd actually do that.
Originally posted by Harry Kappa:
Interesting bits about unique dialogue in sidequest if you join a faction before doing them, i will try to join ASAP like you said and see if something new pop up. If you join a faction asap, you'll miss some required quest to join faction other faction (result in losing alot of xp) but that's about it. You can receive and do all other sidequest all the same

No, you won't. That's what I'm saying. As long as you START the faction-joining quest, you can still complete it even after joining another faction AND get the full XP and money reward, and in fact get extra dialog about "you've earned your place here, but sorry you can't join!" So just be sure to talk to Reinhold, William, and Ragnar before joining a faction (and maybe to be on the safe side, talk to each of the district bosses to start their sub-quest for joining and to the guy Reinhold directs you to for investigating the outpost for that sub-quest, I forget his name, starts with a D) and you'll get all the rewards even joining one early.

The only significant quests you are locked out of by joining a faction is the ones for being promoted within each faction (again as long as you actually START the faction joining quests for the other factions before actually completing one). Other stuff you are locked out of is fairly inconsequential like not being able to buy stuff from the bar. The only side quest I found that I couldn't do after joining a faction immediately at the start was the Drog (sp?) the Berserker gate keeper wouldn't ask me to get him a drink from the bar if I didn't already accept that quest before joining another faction (probably because at that point I was banned from the bar, though strangely I could still do all other quests related to that bar like convincing the barkeeper to serve the Hammer clan again - in fact if I was a Cleric I even get an extra option to use Suggestion to solve that quest). There may be a couple other tiny quests like Drog's but looking through a quest guide, I didn't find any other quests I missed out on by joining the Outlaws immediately and doing no other quests before I joined them (besides some companion quests that bugged out on me).
Originally posted by v0:
i found exploration best part in elex so my advice'd be totally opposite :P guess one's mileage varies.

I agree, exploration is the best part, how is what I said in opposition to that?

Unlike Gothic/Risen, your exploration is in no way negatively affected by joining a faction or progressing chapters, so all I'm saying is don't feel like you have to hold off on those elements because you'll "miss out" on something, you actually gain something if you join a faction early (unique dialog), so when you are not exploring and decide to do some quests, might as well do the faction-joining quests first as you'll get a richer story and spend less time running away from stuff when exploring.
Originally posted by v0:
Originally posted by Taron:
From my experience of multiple playthroughs, your best bet is to get the main faction-joining quests from Reinhold, William, and Ragnar right away, then join your preferred faction as soon as you can, trying to mostly avoid any other quests. Then do the same on your second and third playthroughs for the other two factions. This way you get all the unique dialog of being in the "wrong faction" while doing the other factions' quests, as well as making the game much easier by getting that free faction armor right away.

is armor 14 vs 16 and stability/balance 45 vs 50 really that big difference... :P

No but 1) the first faction armor is free, 2) joining a faction also unlocks new weapons at the faction-specific vendors, and 3) then you don't end up spending 30 hours running around in the same Hunter armor like I did the first time through (where I expected it to work like Gothic/Risen and decided not to join any faction until I'd done every faction's quest).

I've done it both ways, I'm just saying that joining a faction ASAP made me miss out on nothing but actually made progression smoother as well as netting me unique dialog in the same quests I did faction-less the first time. Also, in Elex several faction-joining quests have multiple outcomes that sometimes directly go against another faction, so it doesn't make as much sense as it does in Gothic/Risen to do every quest for every faction, make a save there, and then go back and use that save on your next playthrough to try another faction, because you may want to have different outcomes for the faction-joining quests that involve the other factions in some way.

So, if I could go back in time and give my past self advice, what I would tell myself is to join a faction right away (after accepting the joining quest from each faction), focus initial levels on getting stats for good weapon rather than for skills (except for maybe Chemistry and Good Eater), and don't feel like you need to do everything in a chapter before progressing to the next (unlike in Gothic a chapter change doesn't make a bunch more enemies spawn or cancel any quests or anything, and in fact may even bug up some companion quests if you do everything in Chapter 1 and end up rushing through the rest of the chapters because you only have the couple of main story quests left in each of them). All of this advice is in direct opposition to what I would say if we were talking about any of PB's past games though.
Nov 18 @ 9:25am
In topic Nasty's Quest
Originally posted by v0:
Originally posted by Taron:
That never worked for me either. Then again I am playing on PS4 which only finally got the 1.02 patch yesterday (and I haven't tried again since the patch) so maybe it was a bug that got fixed.

what're caja's ray's and nasty's current dispositions towards you?

if you've finished all quests unfortunately you get no dialogs to get them to like you more but you can always try sleeping for like 7 days and talking to them again. if it's only matter of time that should help.

All of them are at least at "admire" if not "idolize". I even took each of them with me and slept for like 10 days at a time in each of the major cities hoping something would trigger. So we're talking like 40 days of time passing and no trigger.

I actually wonder if the problem (besides again maybe being a bug from before version 1.02) is what someone else mentioned in another thread, where I progressed past a chapter too quickly and somehow skipped the trigger. I did every quest possible in Chapter 1, which meant the rest of the Chapters went by incredibly quickly (most all the stuff the main quest giver in each chapter wanted me to do I had already done back in Chapter 1 anyway). Thus it would make sense if the scripting is such that "X Companion Quest is triggered in Chapter 2" but I completed Chapter 2 so quickly that it never had a chance to trigger and now is stuck because I went too fast through the story.

Now that I know how the chapters work and that they really have very little effect on the side quests and don't, like, trigger a bunch of new monster spawns or cancel certain quests from being possible like in Gothic, I won't purposefully avoid progressing through Chapters until I've done everything next time, and try to spend roughly equal time in each Chapter doing the quests related to it and a handful of side quests at each point. Perhaps that will increase the odds of getting these companion quests I missed first time around.


Anyway, I'm very sorry for hijacking this thread, this was supposed to be about how to complete Nasty's Quest now how to start it! My bad! I'll leave you all alone, sorry Cicero Marshall!
Originally posted by Dorok:
For now the only element I noticed is when you can join a faction, you can request join and then refuse, you still get a lot of XP, quoted 4K for cleric, and this isn't available anymore if you join another faction. So it's about 10K XP lost to join asap a faction.

The other element isn't coming fully from my play, but in part my play and in part comments quoting you couldn't start leader join quest if you have join a faction. For that, just trigger those quest before join the faction, it will open them and won't close them.

What is closed are only the meta quest from joining a faction, but for no faction they control the joining quests, those meta quest are only useful to remind the dialogs, and show the quests givers providing quests to join a faction.

Actually I got full rewards as long as I started the join quest for each faction before actually joining one. When I completed the faction-joining quest of another faction after having already joined one, I got the big XP and Elexit awards anyway, and then the NPC just lamented "well I'd let you join but you already are in another faction so thanks anyway, enjoy your reward".

From my experience of multiple playthroughs, your best bet is to get the main faction-joining quests from Reinhold, William, and Ragnar right away, then join your preferred faction as soon as you can, trying to mostly avoid any other quests. Then do the same on your second and third playthroughs for the other two factions. This way you get all the unique dialog of being in the "wrong faction" while doing the other factions' quests, as well as making the game much easier by getting that free faction armor right away. You lose out on almost nothing, as you still get the full XP rewards for the joining quests once you complete them even if you can't actually join that faction any more, as long as you accepted the quest beforehand.
Nov 18 @ 9:02am
In topic Nasty's Quest
Originally posted by Cicero Marshall:
Some of their quests only get triggered when you start a new chapter of the game. Your companions will approach you immidiately when you're back in camp.

As I said though I've beaten the game and even post-game still didn't get the rest of Nasty and Caja's quest lines, or Ray's for that matter but I was able to get around that by manually finding the NPC that has the last 5 contracts even though Ray never told be about it like he apparently is supposed to.

Originally posted by flinteryk:
to get them to trigger quests you have to send them back to camp activate the quest in companion quest line then go to camp and they will run up to you and activate quest. for Cara at least havnt had issues with nasty but shes always been my sidekick

That never worked for me either. Then again I am playing on PS4 which only finally got the 1.02 patch yesterday (and I haven't tried again since the patch) so maybe it was a bug that got fixed.
Nov 17 @ 4:42pm
In topic Nasty's Quest
Weird, I even beat the game and she never really wanted anything after the "kill a bunch of mutant with 2 colossus" quest. I never got Caja's quest to progress past a certain point either though, I even tried sleeping in beds dozens of times since people suggested that should trigger it, but it didn't. Hopefully I can get these quests to trigger on my next playthrough.
Nov 17 @ 4:09pm
In topic Nasty's Quest
How did you even get this quest? I didn't really get any quests from Nasty once she joined me other than telling me to go kill some mutants with her at some point. What triggers her getting this "grey death" you speak of??
Originally posted by Simple farmer of noble heart:
If you join a faction, the others will cut most relations with you, including access to the armorsmith that sells faction-tied gear, and quests associated with factions other than the one you decide to join will automatically be cancelled the moment you receive your first rank.

You will not, however, lose access to the headquarters of each faction, some side quests can still be done regardless of your standing with the factions.

That is why I did the maximum number of side quests before joining a faction, so I could accumulate enough XP before making this decision.

That may be true for past PB games but not for Elex! Only a very, very small number of quests are denied you once you join a faction, there's really no reason to wait. Just make sure to at least accept the main faction-joining quest from each faction before you join one and you'll be able to complete it and get the reward later.

In fact, its actually worth joining a faction ASAP because some of the other factions' quests will have altered dialog. You'll still get to do the quest but sometimes you'll get comments like "well I'm suprised a <Blank> like you is helping us!" or "All <Blank> are jerks... oh, um, I mean except for you of course!".

Other than the quests for ranking up once you join a faction and a few minor ones here and there, the only real noticeable change is that bartenders and the like may not sell to you if you are not from their faction, but each faction has their own version of each vendor anyway so all it does is cause a bit of inconvenience of having to return to your own faction's city to buy stuff sometimes.
Nov 16 @ 9:08pm
In topic (major spoilers) So the ending...
Originally posted by Kaerius:
Originally posted by Taron:
So if the Calaan project failed, how did others survive besides Dawkins? I mean that guy had a super bunker and still managed to get himself pretty messed up by Elex contamination, how did everyone else survive?
Presumably other bunkers or fortified structures(see also: "company premises"), particularly in mountainous areas. Hell, some people probably survived simply by the luck of not being struck by any major chunks and not being close enough to the coast to die by tsunami.

Dawkins bunker being struck by Elex would be a matter of luck(debatable if good or bad). Most bunkers wouldn't have been.

There's some proper vault style bunkers/structures we weren't able to enter in the game, but which may have held survivors, a good example is the giant vault door that the Mortal Beam is lying just outside.

Yeah that all makes sense, and is what I assumed at the very beginning of the game before reading in-game hints about Infinite Skies and Calaan, I just wondered if there was some other story element I missed that gave a more definitive answer as to how everyone else lived when pre-comet the powers-that-be seemed convinced it would wipe out everyone that wasn't up in space.
Nov 16 @ 8:43pm
In topic (major spoilers) So the ending...
So if the Calaan project failed, how did others survive besides Dawkins? I mean that guy had a super bunker and still managed to get himself pretty messed up by Elex contamination, how did everyone else survive? I assumed for most of the game that Calaan WAS sucessful, that it flew people up into space and then safely re-deposited them after the comet hit, but finding Calaan itself reveals that the project was a total failure. So is there any clues as to how people survived?

On the timing thing, its mentioned by multiple sources that none of the current factions existed before the comet, and I know some characters talked about events at least 100 years ago that included the current factions, so the comet being at least 160 years ago seems reasonable to me (also just because their calendar is 11 months doesn't mean the years are any shorter than ours, it doesn't mention how many days are in each month...).
Nov 16 @ 10:45am
In topic Skill retroactivity
Originally posted by James52:
OK thanks. And what about the "bookworm" skill? I never got any XP from reading anything.Does it do anything?

Can't help ya there, I'm playing on PS4 which has yet to receive the first post-release patch that supposedly added XP for reading stuff. I'd never buy the skill anyway though, as you can easily get an Amulet that gives it to you, so just put that amulet on right before you read a bunch of stuff.

That does bring up a good point though - some skills would also make a difference taking them late because you can't re-do the things they affect, so I guess in a sense there are other non-retroactive skills besides Attribute, such as:

Experienced Hunter - won't retroactively give you XP for past kills (amulets give this though)
Practitioner - won't retroactively give you XP for past quests (amulets give this though)
Bookworm - won't retroactively give you the XP for past readings (amulets give this though)
Animal Trophy - won't retroactively give you the extra loot from past animals looted
Haggler - won't retroactively give you the Elexit you would have saved from purchases
Mining - won't retroactively give you the bonus materials from mining (seriously not worth it...)
Locksmith - won't retroactively give you back the lockpicks you broke (not worth it...)

And, of course, you can't go back and get the small XP and other bonuses for dialog choices you couldn't do because you didn't have the requisite points in the Combat, Survival, Crafting, or Personality (charisma) skill trees.

Of those though, if you got all the bonus XP ones you are unlikely to gain even 1 single level by the end of the game from them, BUT it can help you to reach earlier levels a bit quicker - the most worthwhile one being Practitioner since quests will be your primary source of XP for most of the game.

The only one of those that makes a significant difference for getting it early would be Animal Trophy, as you can gain incredible amounts of cash by getting that skill high before you kill too much stuff. That said, by late game I had way more money than I knew what to do with anyway, so in my next playthrough I don't think I'm going to rush to get it since you don't get the really good stuff until level 3 in the skill and that requires a heavy investment in stats that I think would have served me better going to damage output.

Truth be told I felt like most skills didn't make all that much difference to my game compared to getting better gear and getting the stats needed for said gear, so I would focus on getting stats you need for better armor and weapons before most anything else. The skills that actually made noticeable impact for my character were:

Chemistry - for permanent stamina/health/mana/attribute/skill potions
Good Eater - Bloody Burger recipe is easy to make and heals a ton of HP over time with this skill (and without a long animation like drinking a potion)
Animal Trophy - For cash and farming Natural Elex
Stamina - Very useful for melee so can do full combo and still dodge/block

After that the damage-increasing skills are probably the most helpful (Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Heavy Punch, Machine/Mutant Killer, Balanced) followed by survival skills like Armor (adds a flat damage reduction, even if you aren't wearing armor, despite what it says) and the Resistances.

Eventually you'll want Modify Weapon and the faction-specific skill that lets you add properties to weapons (but not the gemstones one, that is nearly useless due to how rare good gems are), but only when you have the stats to be able to wield the upgraded weapons (upgrading a weapon adds to its stat requirements). You may also find Goldsmith useful to get a few good rings and amulets that can't be found or bought.

I found the stealing stuff skills not actually that great - definitely get an Amulet that gives you Pickpocket (there's one in a crumbled tower right near the teleporter by the gates to the Domed City) for some early cash and good alternative way to beat some quests, but I never bothered getting any of the actual Pickpocket skills, the amulet was enough. Can also get a Lockpicking Amulet right at the very start of the game. Beyond that though, while my OCD means I hate leaving a chest un-opened, the truth is that I never got any particularly great loot from lockpicking or hacking so it was probably a waste to get those (especially hacking since level 0 hacking can still work on a lot of stuff and much of the time hacking wasn't allowed anyway and I had to find the code somewhere instead). Most of the best stuff is just lying around in dangerous areas.
Nov 16 @ 9:06am
In topic Skill retroactivity
Originally posted by James52:
Originally posted by Taron:
The only skill that pertains to character level, rather than the level of the skill itself, is the "Attributes" skill which gives +1 Attribute point per character level gained. All other skills that refer to a bonus "per level" mean per level of the skill itself, not your character.

So, "Extra Hitpoints" does not give you extra hit points every time you level up, it is a one-time bonus when you buy a new level of the skill (and as far as I know only has 1 level, though maybe this changed with a patch). Being that it is only +10 HP, and you get +5 HP every level-up anyway plus can get extra health from making special potions using Chemistry and a rare plant, most would consider it pretty useless. The +20 Stamina skill is much more useful since you don't get any bonus Stamina from leveling up (you start with 100 and all gains are from the skill, potions you can craft with Chemistry and a rare plant, or jewelry).

The one skill that is per character level, "Attributes", is NOT retroactive, however.

Thanks. I suppose this means not to worry about gaining any particular skills early in the game.

Contrary to what you say about the attribute skill, on my skills screen it says it will automatically give 10 attribute points and not 1 point per level..

Wrong skill, look further down the list. You are reading the "Attribute Points" skill, there's another one further down just called "Attribute" which gives +1 point per level, and is thus the only skill where getting it earlier rather than later makes a difference. You CAN technically get it as early as Level 2 by use of running around looting, selling, and making Elex potions with Chemistry, but it's probably not worth it, you are better off in my experience of multiple playthroughs focusing your initial points on whatever stats are needed to use a better weapon first and foremost, and once you have the damage output to kill things easily, and some Constitution for better armor, THEN worry about great skills like Animal Trophy and Good Eater and so on. IMHO.
Originally posted by Y Ddraig Ddu:
Originally posted by Sculelos:

You need some stamina left. I think more then zero is enough.
This is correct.

I don't know what to think of this system overall, imho. It seems to encourage stunlocking, which I'm not sure should be considered a good feature.

Yeah... I still think Risen 1 was their best combat system so far (what happened to the talk here earlier about Elex including side-step dodges in some form anyway?), though once you got used to the odd controls Gothic 2's combat was decent as well. I'd still take Elex combat over Risen 3 any day though (heck I'd take Risen 2's combat over Risen 3's at this point, though that certainly wasn't how I initially felt - I'd like to see R2's interesting use of the kick move in more games though).
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