I trade 1:1 within same series. I'll also be happy to do cross series trades.

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I'll trade 1:1 within the same series. I'll even help out friends, without necesarily gaining a thing (and it doesn't set me back).

I'll also be happy to do cross series trades. So if we have a bunch of series in common, then friend me. I'll set up a fair offer, which will benifite both while staying true to marked values.

Last; I'll trade completed card series to you. You want to raise your steam level, or simply get your hands on a bunch of holyday steam card? Then I'll gladly trade you a bunch completed series, in return for your unfinished card series, if you have something of interest to me.

Be aware that if I trade with you, I'll always look to the marked to make sure that both parties walk away from the trade without having profited or lost, no matter what type of trade you wish. Only exception is if you let me chose which cards to grab and give back. Is that the case then I'm willing to let you walk away with a 10-20% profit.

If you approach me with an offer, then know that I'm primarilly motivated to collect cards from series, which:
1: Have good artwork. Why should I care about collecting the cards, if the developers hardly bothered to do more than a couple of screenshots.
2: Are connected to a game which hold some nostalgia for me.
3: Aren't insanely expensive (I just sell those cards on the marked).

That basically means that I'm usually willing to trade with games I have played very little or cards which are butt ugly.

I have above series, and many more, up for grabs...

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I don't mind if you have no interest in trading with me because of my trade hold. If you can't wait for a trade, then I can understand and respect that. But if you decide to trade with me despite my trade impairment, then you'll find that I trade fairly and make an effort to make mutually beneficial trade offers. The keywords being "mutually beneficial". I see no reason to accept trades which demand that I give something extra, no matter the reason. And if the reason is my trade hold, then you can keep me around in your friend list, for a year. The hold will then be reduced to 1 day.

I don't use mobile authenticator for 4 reasons:
1: I don't own a smart phone, or see myself getting one.
2: I don't support the safeguards, put in place, because they are not only put there to safeguard from thieves and hustlers. They are designed to make trading more cumbersome, to give people more incentive to use the marked, rather than trading between people. I like trading with people. I simply don't accept that they couldn't come up with something better than the current escrow system.
3: I don't approve of the deliberate harvesting of personal information. Especially when it has been documented that large US companies are handing over said information to 3rd parties and government surveilance initiatives, which don't answer to any authorities and subverts the rights of both domestics and international citizens to safekeep their privacy agains those who would abuse that information.
4: Steam is developing into a monopoly. It shows in the way their services are presented more and more as "use this or we will punish you", as opposed to "take advantage of our optional service". The truth is that Steam got most of us by the balls, because we are only renting games from them, rather than buying them, but most of us feel that we own the games, we have purchased on Steam. Some of us certainly wouldn't have paid what we did, if the button said "Rent" instead of "Buy".

Here is an interesting article about it: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/im-longer-buying-games-steam-opinion/
Convert Cards to ISK through me!!!
I buy steam cards for ISK (EVE Online Currency). I will not hide that you will get more for your cards, if you take your time and sell each card yourself on the steam marked. Especially if you are patient and wait for a buyer to purchase your cards above marked prices.

That having been said, why trade with me at all?

Because it will take an awful lot of time selling an awful lot of cards (between 300-500) just to get your hands on a single Plex in return for your cards.

I'll give you a fair price for each one of your cards. I have 3 rates:

Cheap cards = 500.000ISK per card. Cheap cards are those cards which you will get almost nothing for on the steam marked (between 0,01-0,03€ after tax). The reason is normally that the cards are part of a large series of cards (9 cards or more) or available in large quantities, on the marked.

Average cards = 1,5mill ISK per card. Typical cards which will get you a bit of small change on the steam marked. (between 0,04-0,07€ after tax). The reason is normally that the cards are part of a fair sized series (7 or 8 cards) or from a game with a fair amount of interest in collecting the cards.

Expensive cards = 3mill ISK per card. Typical cards which will get you a fair chunk of small change on the steam marked. (above 0,08€ after tax). The reason is normally that the cards are part of small series (5 or 6 cards) or from a game with a high amount of interest in collecting the cards.

Very Expensive cards = 3mill ISK per card. Typically foil cards or cards which are very rarely traded. They sell for anything between a dime and several Euro. I recommend that you try and sell these cards yourself on the marked, rather than converting them to ISK through me. Foilcards are worth a lot, because they are very rare on the marked. But sometimes they are impossible to sell, because there just aren't any buyers. Because of the fickle nature of these cards, I don't give more than 3mill ISK for this type of card.

Again, just to be on the level, above prices are considerably lower than simply selling the cards yourself on the steam marked. I get a large cut of the cards worth for saving you the trouble of selling the cards yourself as well as getting ISK for your cards without the need to collect several hundreds of cards first. And just to show that I'm playing with open cards, I've calculated just how much an ISK is worth in terms of card value (below).

Assuming that 1 Plex is worth the same as 1 billion Isk as well as 20 Euro (Buying 1 Plex in the Steam Store), then a single Eurocent (0,01€) is the same as 500.000Isk

On average you might get 0,05 cents for each card in your inventory, if you sell them on the steam marked place. More if it is a good card, and less if it is a bad card. More if you take your time selling each card. Less if you sell immediately to the highest bidder. That takes into account that every card you sell, will be subject to a tax of 10-20%, or at least 0,02 Eurocent, which will eat almost all the profit from selling cheap cards.

Example 1: Eve online trading cards is worth a bit more than average. Take the "Heron" Steam Trade card. You might sell this card instantly for 0,12€ but you only get 0,10€ after tax. That means that this card is roughly worth 5mill ISK.

Example 2: FTL: Faster than light cards is worth a bit less than average. Take the "Kestral Cruiser" Steam Trade card. You might sell this card instantly for 0,06€ but you only get 0,04€ after tax. That means that this card is roughly worth 2mill ISK

How do you start converting cards to ISK?

Friend me on steam.

I don't discuss a trade in Eveverse. Friend me and I'll answer any questions you have in a steam chat

If you don't trust me, then tell me which cards (from what game), you wish to convert to ISK. I'll tell you which prices you can expect. You then send me as many cards as you feel comfortable sending to me, and wait for the ISK to transfer into your account. Repeat the process until you have converted all the cards you wanted ISK for. Each card transfer needs to have a EVE character name written in the trade's comments, so that I will know who to transfer ISK to.

If you trust me, then simply send me all the cards you want to convert to ISK. Remember to write an EVE character name in the trade's comments, so that I know who to transfer ISK to. I'll then calculate the ISK your cards are worth and transfer them ASAP.

A few things to consider, before trading with me:

You will never see any ISK from me, before your cards are securely in my possesion. This is not because I distrust you, but simply because there are people out there who would take advantage of my trust.

This account have a 14 day trade hold, so you have time to withdraw your offer, if you wish to stop the trade. You will not see any ISK before the 14 day hold has run its course.

You will be able to revers the trade within 24hours after having received ISK for your cards. You read that right! If you aren't happy with the ISK you have gotten for your cards, then I will return your cards, if you transfer the ISK back to me first. I'll then send back your cards.
Review Showcase
I can't believe that there isn't more games like this! FTL is all about sitting in the Captains chair of a space ship, commanding every aspect of said ship's systems and crew, from a birds eye perspective. Every battle is a tactical micro management heaven, where you pause the game, every time you need to adjust your plan to survive and take out the enemy. And yet the game is easy to learn with everything layed out for you in a readily understandable fashion. Mix in a rich universe of old style text RPG choices, and a huge number of upgrades and add-ons, and you are set for playing this game over and over. This game takes up to 5 hours to complete, but I have played this game for more than 300 hours, and I'm still not bored with it.

Update: The developers of this game also made a large expansion to FTL. Then they simply added it to the main game, rather than sell it as an expansion, basically making an already awesome game even greater.

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