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if i flip the pizzas mr aziz will flip out
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uuuuhhhhhhh Nov 6 @ 6:05pm 
Why im Switching faster than the channels on the TV? * as her dark side attempts to fight her, she gets sans help and they both fight. * im black then im white No! Something isnt Right. My Enemys Invisable, i dont know how to fight.. * it seemed like a flashback. instead shes fighting her dark side. * What the Hells going on can someone tell me please? Why am i switching faster than the channles on TV? im black then white No! Something isnt right *dark side takes over * No. This isnt right. My Good Side is Invisable Now. She Doesnt know how to fight. Her Trembling Fear is more than she can take. When shes trapped in the Reflection in the Mirror *her soul cracks and glitches even more as she turns to good * *Battling her dark side AGAAAIN *
uuuuhhhhhhh Nov 6 @ 6:05pm 
...The Clock Stopped Ticking Forever Ago, How Long have i Been Up? I Dont Know, i Cant Get a Grip, But i Cant Let Go, There wasnt Anything to hold onto Though, Why Cant i See Why cant i SEE, All the Colors that you see? Please can i be. Please can i be, Colorful and Free? What the hells going on, Can someone tell me Please~, Why im Switching faster than The channels on TV? Im Black then im white, No! Something isnt right, My Enemy's Invisable, I Cant fight, The Trembling Fear is more than i can take, When im up against the Echo in the Mirror, ECHO.........* Soul Cracks as her dark side takes over * *It Glitches * im Going to turn my House into an ugly GLITCH im gonna run away and never turn back * repeating * And Never Look Back AnD NeVeR lOoK bAcK *Turning half normal * What the hell is going on?! Can Somepony Tell me Please?
conreiter Nov 5 @ 1:51am 
start puffing boy
uuuuhhhhhhh Oct 30 @ 1:35am 
shut the fuck up
christopher Oct 29 @ 11:03pm 
everyone is a faggot except me
pelz Oct 29 @ 3:48pm 
combine - female -