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ST AK Case Hardened #955 (ak ch ft) 0.241639986 fv
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/Zgys8rp.jpg
b/o 860 pure keys - bit more in items

Bayonet SAPPHIRE FN with 0.01339584589 float.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/BJ3s0K0.png http://s.metjm.net/jgJsKp1.jpg
b/o 490 pure keys - bit more in items

Bayonet SAPPHIRE MW with 0.07362697 float.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/qyurO7U.jpg
b/o 390 pure keys - bit more in items

ST Butterfly Crimson Web Minimal Wear ( CW MW ) - 0.07188166 float. (#1) Huge web on the middle. Amazing knife.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/DqJrBpb.jpg
b/o 320 pure keys - bit more in items

ST Karambit Gamma Doppler Phase 4 MW - 0.0775561 float.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/2Iaqjdq.jpg
b/o 305 pure keys - bit more items

Howl FT - 0.1576359719038 float.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/3PSrJUu.jpg
b/o 245 pure keys - bit more items

ST M9 100% Fade (100% cszone) - 0.01292911730 float.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/Fu1rJvL.jpg
b/o 199 pure keys - bit more items

ST Flip Marble Fade Fire & Ice (f&i) 4th max (332 pattern) 0.03498436 float.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/KxSr5EZ.jpg
b/o - 160 pure keys

Karambit Blue Gem ~70% PS
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/U0np7PK.png
b/o 115 pure keys - bit more items

AK-47 Vulcan FN - 0.040613301 float. IBP Kato 14 HOLO sticker, 3x Crown stickers.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/4bRrqn8.jpg
b/o - 135k - bit more in items

Bowie Knife Fade MW (Minimal Wear) - 0.07062358 float, nice fade % I guess.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/t8nrWRc.jpg
b/o 95k

ST MP9 Rose Iron - 0.06831669 float. Fnatic Kato 14 Holo Sticker.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/zaarle9.jpg
b/o - 10k pure

P90 Cold Blooded - 0.0091788480 float. Dignitas Kato 14 Holo Sticker.
Metjm(4k): http://s.metjm.net/zY2rmbO.jpg
b/o - 30k pure
You are welcome!
steamname: taipok
steam3ID: [U:1:103697955]
steamID32: STEAM_0:1:51848977
steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063963683
customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/taipok
steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198063963683

Trade Offer Link
CSGOLounge Profile [csgolounge.com]
OPskins Shop [opsk.in]

Always polite and friendly with you.
Everything is negotible.
I dont like to waste my time on lowball attempts through conversations. Enough is to send the offer if you want to try.
If you arent sure about prices of items we are talking about - just tell it, so your offer wont be looking like lowballing/retarded.
Every CS:GO item in my inventory is up for trade.
Best way to contact me is to send me an offer with discription and send friend request after.
Either way if your inventory is lower ~400-500 keys I wont add you without a comment or a trade offer.

This is the only account Im using to communicate.
Any other accounts are fake and will try to scam you.
Be careful.
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china land is commieland May 22 @ 3:49am 
added for trade
Probspotato skinhub.com May 14 @ 4:20pm 
added for trade, look at my M4
Skaler May 14 @ 7:45am 
Pls can you prize me one knife? It`s my dream> I living in Ukrain and its too expensive for me.. Dude pls
✪ Tipp May 9 @ 5:03pm 
added to discuss my ruby
NaughtyBadger May 9 @ 2:28pm 
Nice Walls. Thanks God i recorded that match. Enjoy Ban [PUBG]
Clarky May 9 @ 2:24pm 
nice hax. Pls stop it (PUBG)