laptop hero :3
Sarah   Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada
My big brother Steven

s21 \\ slamming jammers \\ Med \\ fourth place plat
s20 \\ slamming jammers \\ Med \\ first place gold
s19 \\ Order of the EZIC star \\ Med \\ third place gold
s18 \\ Mexican cat ranch \\ All class sub
s17 \\ Pink Flowers of Friendship \\ Heavy
s16 \\ Daycare Center \\ Heavy
s15 \\ Glamour squad \\ Sub spy
s14 \\ Anti Pros \\ Heavy
s13 \\ Hale's Panty Raiders \\ Sniper

s21 \\ Alterium and the six clever boys \\ All class sub

s24 \\ GrapeSquad \\ Med \\ Third place open

s9 \\ What are we doing \\ Idk
s8 \\ Snicker's Seekers \\ Soldier
s7 \\ Snicker's Seekers \\ Soldier
s6 \\ Snicker's Seekers \\ Soldier
s5 \\ Snicker's Seekers \\ Soldier
s3 \\ Advanced placement \\ Scout

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kms May 27 @ 6:00am 
dev May 25 @ 10:27pm 
i agree with the handsome man below me
surfl^x May 23 @ 10:25pm 
play for y3y0y3 on monday nigger
yumii May 23 @ 11:29am 
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dizzy May 18 @ 10:22pm 
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VeLT ring May 18 @ 9:16pm 
Please refrain from hurting me tomorrow in the prestigious 4versus4 game mode thansk