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TF2 Scunt Main eggsdee   Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
My best logs :) (I think includes pregame...?)

Cloudy9 is a gay fucker.

I play A LOT of TF2 and I main The Fast Bostonian Scunt Guy Who Pew Pews The Enemy Gamers.

Highlander - Magnificent Bastards | UGC Silver + ETF2L Mid | All Class Sub

6s - Power | ETF2L Open | Medic

4s - El Chamcloudep UGC Steel | Sub

I can merc as any class needed other than Engie and Pyro but some classes Im not that great at so whether you want a decent standard is another thing.

I like trains.


"Luv You Mummybear!" - Roast'n'Toast 2k16.


"I must've misplaced my heals because I can't find them anywhere" Cyanic End of 2k16

"Death By Dogshit" Swayze End of 2k16

"She's fucking lovely but she's gonna die soon" Thunder Chief Feb 2k17

"It's just us George, lets get it on!"
"Ok, who's gonna be on top?" - TheNotSoPro & Swayze

*DEAD* Sainsbury's : swayze get behind.

"I was born in curry pot." - Marshmello

"You need to get high to reach the top. Smoke weed today!" - Sir Duck The 74th™

"Are we resisting anal damage" - TehPootisMan

"You could've come if you wanted to!"
"You didn't invite me..."
"Well it was open, not invite!" - Sir Duck The 74th™ + Swayze # TF2Puns

"That's the sound of an elephant's testicles being run over by a lawnmower" - A Woolen Sleevelet + Friends

"Discombobulated" - Dahlia - A Black Girl at my school - Not the TF2 skin which inconveniently is also the colour black...

"Sonic is that fast mouse, right?"
"He makes speedy Gonzales look like regular Gonzales" - Livestream

"Don't say Rest In Piece, I'll Rest in your Mum!" Black_Ki

"That was quite a rambunctious burp from Wiggly" - Shwizz
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Marsha May 29 @ 9:14am 
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[DJ] Moe Mar 7 @ 10:37am 
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Longshot Feb 27 @ 8:10am 
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Marsha Feb 20 @ 9:16am 
The Papyrus Army is Here to defeat the quill army, prepare your memes (and / or anus)
Marsha Feb 11 @ 12:08pm 
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▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ -------------------T R U C K E R-----------------------█
Marsha Jan 23 @ 10:35am 
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