ESEA-Invite Scout for team Ascent eSports.

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Competive Team History.
Team Fortress 2 EXP: 6v6
Season 21 ESEA-Open Egg Salad Dressing (13-3) Playoffs (0-1)
Season 23 ESEA-Intermediate Category 5 (15-1) Playoffs (1-1) 3rd/4th
Season 24 ESEA-Invite Mario Party 4 (7-9) 5th
Season 25 ESEA-Invite Faint Gaming (9-7) (0-1) Playoffs 4th
Season 26 ESEA-Invite Ascent (13-3) (1-2) Playoffs 3rd

Team Fortress 2: EXP Highlander
Season 14 UGC-Iron 5-5
Season 16 UGC-Silver The Crystal Gems 4-4
Season 19 UGC-Silver 2L2Q 3-5
Season 21 UGC-Platinum idk but i played
Season 23 UGC-Platinum KND (midseason)

Season 5 CEVO-Open PHATCATS 4-4
Season 7 CEVO-Intermediate Just Some Gamers 7-1
Season 19 ESEA-Open No Worz 8-8
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welcome to T4CO$ALAD Esports
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I'm gonna pay you a hundred dollars to fuck off
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freshmeat446 Nov 24 @ 12:38pm 
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