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Hellow there! Welcome to My Profile!
Some stuff about myself:

I'm just another random 21 year old guy in his final year of graduation.
🎂 Birthday: 18 Sept 1995 🎂
I play all kinds of Games be it FPS, TPS, RPG, anything except for MOBA games and CS
My other hobbies are drawing stuff, 3D modelling and animation
Relationship Status: 7 billion ppl but still single

Rules before adding me:

No friend collectors please, I'll remove ppl who just add and forget, atleast talk once a while
Friend invites from private accounts are not only rejected but are also permanently blocked
I don't rate/fav screenshots of gameplay/cutscene, anyone can take it so try to be creative
I'm NOT looking for trades or anything so please don't add me just to make some offers
Feel free to add me if you want to play coop/Just to chat/We share any common interests

You can message me anytime even while I'm in-game or offline, I will respond as soon as possible when I see it but if i don't, then it's probably because...

My mom makes me do chores all the time so I might be AFK
Maybe you msg'd me while I was away and then power cut happened ¯\(o_o)/¯
If the status after my name is set to IDLE then I'm idling games for cards and/or not at home
Sometimes I may fall asleep while playing a game

My Kawaii Potato:

Intel i5 760 Lynnfield 3.6 GHz OC
Zotac Geforce GTX 760 2GB Ref
Kingston 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz
WD Green Caviar 2 TB
Corsair VS550 550W 80+ Bronze
Windows 10 x64 bit Spyware
Internet Speed: 60 mbps

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Gaming~!
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