Mackenzie   United States
Please don't add me just so you can play with me on nauts.

Hai I'm Dino, I hope we can become good friends whoever is reading this. My favorite color is pink, I like cute stuffs, my favorite game at the moment is Splatoon 2, and I have social anxiety. If you want someone to talk to I'm always up for a chat so don't be shy to message me here and there.

I'm a hot grill xd
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Yarn Poochy 13 de Set às 14:21 
buddy, you cant fuck osmosis jones. hes too small. you put him on your dick, he just goes on an adventure. he just has a car chase and learns a lesson.
Schmommy 13 de Set às 13:03 
You changed it again :(
Mimisour49 10 de Set às 13:50 
Dinosour49 10 de Set às 12:02 
I have no clue.
Mimisour49 10 de Set às 5:03 
What happened
Schmommy 9 de Set às 10:30 
Omg Im so proud of you